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User:robinsena (18858)
Website:Usuyami no Sekai
Location:Pensacola, Florida, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Kala Mekiv (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:...Copied from my LiveJournal....

LOL HAI. I'm Kala. You probably have also seen me around the Intarweb under a multitude of names, such as Robin, Kala Mekiv, and Wingnut. I own a small, insigificant Witch Hunter Robin site that I haven't given an actual content update to in about four years. I also run a fairly quiet WHR forum and a small fic archive for the same series. All of this is hosted on some small Descent 3 related domain I've had for years.

I'm 26. I have no life. When I'm not trolling around on The-Forum-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I'm busy idling on our IRC channel, #ORBO@Rizon.net or pissing people off on some stupid MUD that I don't feel like linking to because the people and most of the administration there suck. People on my (LJ)Flist already know what I'm referring to. I recently graduated from a local university with my B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. (Link provided for further explanation.)
Interests:119: a perfect circle, alucard, amon, anime, anime fanart, anime fanfiction, anime soundtracks, arisugawa sorata, asato tsuzuki, astrology, bana, billy corgan, cowboy bebop, descent, designing webpages, devin townsend, djali zwan, doujima, fanart, fanfics, faye valentine, freedom of speech, fushigi yuugi, gaming, gundam wing, gundam wing fanfiction, harry's, haruka, haruto, heero, heero yuy, hellsing, hisoka, homestar runner, house md, in flames, integral, j-rock, james iha, japan, karasuma, karasuma miho, kazutaka muraki, kishu arashi, kurosaki hisoka, lain, mariemaia khushrenada, michael lee, michiru, midorikawa hikaru, mistress 9, monou fuuma, mythology, myuji, nagira syunji, nekoi yuzuriha, neo gundam wing, neon genesis evangelion, non-yaoi, non-yuri, ocean machine, orbo, paint shop pro 6, paint shop pro 7, paz lenchantin, photoshop, photoshop 6, photoshop 7, princess mononoke, q, quatre, radiohead, realms of despair, relena, relena peacecraft, robin, robin sena, sailormoon, sailorneptune, sailorsaturn, sailoruranus, sakaki, sakaki haruto, sakurazuka seishirou, sena robin, serial experiments lain, shirou kamui, shiyuu kusanagi, silence glaive, sinfest, smashing pumpkins, spike spiegel, stabbing westward, stn, stnj, strong bad, sumeragi subaru, sylvia plath, tatsumi, tatsumi seiichirou, the cheat, the smashing pumpkins, tokyo babylon, tomoe hotaru, trigun, true poets of zwan, tsuzuki, two-mix, vash the stampede, walter, watari, watari yutaka, witch hunter robin, wolfwood, x manga, x/1999, yami no matsuei, yurika doujima, zwan
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, news, shinimegami, system
Mutual Friends:1: shinimegami
Account type:Early Free User

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