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User:sailortitan (13982)
Bio:27, artist. I have interests, they are below. No drama, I'm too old for it. Just looking for interesting people that share some interests with me.

I would prefer you having at least 6 things in common with me just so it will be easier to maintain good communcation.
Interests:139: 1013, 1408, 80s, 90s, alice in wonderland, alien, american, androgynous, angel the series, angel: after the fall, antonio vivaldi, anubis, b-movies, baroque, bawls, being john malkovich, bjds, black, bones, boots, bruce campbell, carnivàle, cash cab, castle, cats, cedar point, christopher rice, cider, clash of the titans, cloaks, comics, common sense, culture, dark-hunters, daughtery, david boreanaz, dnd, dollhouse, dragoncon, drawing, earth, elphaba, emperor's new groove, fall, fantasy, farscape, fire, firefly, forever knight, fringe, fullmoon, games, gaming, garnet, ghost hunters, ghosts, glenn beck, googoo dolls, greek, gulity gear, h.i.m, halloweekends, halloween, hell's kitchen, house md, james marsters, japanese, jayne, jewelry, joss whedon, king of the web, least i could do, lexx, lie to me, magna carta, medieval, mel brooks, moon, moonlight, music, nathan fillion, nerd, norse, paint tool sai, patrick seitz, patrick stewart, piercings, pirates, pirates pocketmodel, potc, purple, rain, rampage, red, refounding america, religion, renfair, roman, roses, rpg, sailor titan, saturn, schist, serenity, sg-1, sherrilyn kenyon, silver, sleeping beauty trilogy, spaceballs, sparkling generation valkyrie yuuki, star trek, stars, summer nights, super mario bros, super robot wars, sweets, tarot, tattoos, tetris, the last starfighter, the little mermaid, thirteen, titan, tokyo, tower defense games, unicorns, valkyrie profile, valkyries, vampires, wayne's world, wicked, wii, wildwife, willows, witch, witchblade, within temptation, wizard of oz, writing
Schools:None listed
Account type:Early Free User

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