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Kalli ([info]sakuradragonfly) wrote,
@ 2008-01-14 12:33:00

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Entry tags:new journal

I also made a new journal here. Only I don't like this posting box I'm typing in right now. Hello to every one.

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2008-01-14 10:13 pm UTC (link)
Posting here is strange. It's given me regular size and too-small-to-read size.


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2008-01-15 04:13 pm UTC (link)
It works better for me in Foxfire.

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2008-01-15 04:39 pm UTC (link)
Oh! I meant to say Firefox.

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2008-01-14 10:19 pm UTC (link)
I love your profile layout Kalli!

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2008-01-15 04:14 pm UTC (link)
Thank you! :)

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2008-01-15 02:54 pm UTC (link)
I love your layout, Kalli! :)

-- Darwin

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2008-01-15 04:14 pm UTC (link)
Thank you Darwin. :)

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where are you add me here there and everywhere[lse
2008-11-22 12:57 pm UTC (link)
Hi Kalli I just wanted to say Hi its been aweful hard to figure out whewre to go to find you and leAnne has kinda not been aroundor Amirah or well not many ppopel I really know but you and Inner Cluique and LeAnne soI hope the twins are having a great Birthday month and I pray for your babies always and the delivery and I am very happey to se you with August and leAnne wit Even You all look the most happiest I have EVER seen you ( I think of [possible your all inlove at the same time which is so cool) okay I love the attack of Gummie candy picture August is very attreactive , So is Even..we have not been around , beemn sick but doing better
I have been bouncing from IL to Lj to here reading..I dont have time to comment every where but have been trying to add you over here I only have LeeAnne journal listedn on SCribled so P:Lease add me to what Journal your posting at I love your pictures ..thay make me feel happy to see YPOU SO HAPPY This is the best! Good luck on August drivers test I think this is gonna be the Best evr Thanksgiving you guys have had and teh best EVER YULE!!!!! Love you (((HUgs))) ♥ AStrid with Bratz (its mostly me and Bratz over here ) Mosaics Nomads are at Lj rarely and gonna be on IJ more..Love you

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Re: where are you add me here there and everywhere[lse
2008-11-22 01:52 pm UTC (link)
Hi there. :) I know. I've been usually over here and away from everyone. I added your journal. It's good to see you here! I'd like to keep updates with pictures and maybe small movie clips too. :) You'll always find me here in this journal. Hugs. Have plans for Thankgsgiving?

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Re: where are you add me here there and everywhere[lse
2008-11-22 03:08 pm UTC (link)
Dear Kalli,
Thank you for adding me and Bratz I am sending you a personal email from our email at standswithgrace97@yahoo.com this is also our chat IM Id at yahoo, its most always on but often were away from computer you can still leave messeges offline and we wil get them when we get back on Iadde you guys so do not be afraid to use it , sometimes its easier then getting all around or Mt is working at computer doing her grant do we cant post as much.But I am sedmning a update in mail Thanks *hugs ♥ xoxoxo Astroid with Bratz

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