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User:sakusha (13837)
Sakusha's Scribbles
Fiction Stories
AOL IM:AIM status purplepand0ra (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN:ICQ status 312667824 (User Profile)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status nidarcs_shama (Add User, Send Message)
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Indigo is Love.

Indigo is Love.
Interests:83: 1960s clothes, 1960s music, advising, analyzing, ancient history, anime, anthropology, art, astrology, astronomy, badminton, butterflies, cats, children, colorful things, creation, cultures, debate, decision making, development, drawing, dreams, editing, elements, emotions, end of the world, fantasy, feelings, feminism, floor plans, frogs, gemstones, grammar, health, imagining, internet, japanese, justice, languages, literature, magic, manga, meditation, model homes, music, mythology, names, nature, nonconformity, organization, personality, philosophy, photography, politics, psychology, questionnaires, reading, realism, reflection, religions, revenge, rock, rpg video games, running, self-defense, self-improvement, shojo, shoujo, singing, sociology, surrealism, swimming, tennis, the past, thinking, tie-dye, toads, utopias, walking, weight lifting, wisdom, working out, writing
People5:jimmy, kuroitenshi, news, shinimegami, system
Account type:Early Free User

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