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User:skywinds (22381)
Day and Dream
Website:Spiralbound LJ (Layout Credit)

Hi, I'm Lyss, and I love cats. Tigers are my favorite wildcats, but I also LOVE cheetahs, mountain lions, lynx, etc. I love house cats, too. But i'm allergic to them. My journal is private, and I mostly write offline. You know, on paper. But I guess this is an easier way to save pictures and stuff, so I can see them whenever I want without having to go through stacks of old notebooks. Haha.

my pet!
Interests:144: andrew, animals, apples, bells, birds, birthdates, blue, breadsticks, breeze, bubbles, cadbury creme eggs, calendars, california, calvin and hobbes, candy canes, cardboard, cardcaptor sakura, carousels, carrots, cats, charlie brown, cheese, cheesecake, cherries, chex mix, chinese food, chococat, chocolate, cinnamoroll, cities, city lights, clocks, clouds, computers, cookies, crafts, cupcakes, cute things, daffodils, dalmations, dancing, dandelions, dogs, doritos, dreaming, earrings, fantasy, feathers, french bread, fruit parfaits, garlic bread, glass bottles, granola, green, hearts, hello kitty, hong kong, icing, italian dressing, italian ice, jello, jewelry, kites, kittens, kitties, koi, ladybugs, lavender, lemonade, light blue paper, mangoes, meatballs, moons, mountains, muffins, names, nintendo ds, norway, notebooks, nutter butters, orange juice, palm trees, pandas, pencils, pens, photography, pine trees, pink, pocky, polar bears, popsicles, pretty candy wrappers, pretty colors, pretty things, pretty words, pudding, puppies, rabbits, rain, rainbows, raman noodles, reading, reading poems, red, ribbon, salad, samoyeds, sanrio, scenery, scribbling, sea dragons, sequins, shelties, sky, slushies, smokey the bear, soap, soup, sparkles, starburst, stars, strawberries, strawberry ice cream, stuffed animals, sunchips, sunsets, sunshine, switzerland, teddy bears, the desert, the letter a, the letter k, the letter l, the letter m, thinking, tigers, unicorns, vanilla ice cream, veggie pizza, warrior cats, watches, wind, wind chimes, writing
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, laughy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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