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User:slipdream (19661)
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Bio:Cyn Eliade, nontraditional college student, aspiring teacher and writer.
Interests:146: 16-bit gaming, a tree of palme, abandoned places, amnesty international, anarchism, animation, animism, aqueducts, art as ritual, autonomy, babylon 5, bagdad cafe, battle angel alita, bell hooks, blue room, boy drag, buying music, catharsis, chaos, consciousness, crystals, culture dysphoria, cyberculture, dark psytrance, darkness, david lynch, dense forests, dream geography, dream narratives, early 20th century americana, ecofeminism, energy exchange, erich fromm, esprit d'escalier, fela kuti, flying, foolishness, formal purity, francois schuiten, french animation, futurism, galaxies are colliding, geolibertarian, geomancy, goa trance, grandia, grant morrison, graphic novels, gurdjieff, habeas corpus, haibane renmei, hanyuu, hiking, hitoshi tomizawa, homesteading, identity through praxis, immanence, immortalism, indie film, industrial, industrial music, intersubjectivity, japanese animation, jim lauderdale, juno reactor, kiyohiko azuma, koji morimoto, korean animation, labyrinths, laibach, leonard orr, leonora carrington, libraries, los angeles, ltj bukem, magician lord, malleability, matsuris, metanoia, michael moorcock, moebius, mojave, narrative ambiguity, nested worlds, nihongo, noosphere, oblique strategies, otherwise objectionable, ozric tentacles, paperback sf, pdd-nos, peter chung, phantasy star, phenylethylalanine, philip k dick, political vegetarianism, post-otaku, psychedelia, psychogeography, psychometric traces, psytrance, qualia, raw veganism, recurring patterns, reductionism, remedios varo, reptiles, ritual dance, robert anton wilson, roleplay, roman polanski, screenwriting, sea creatures, secret paths, sega, sensitivity, shoujo kakumei utena, sign language, slow food, space opera, spalding gray, spiders, stanislav grof, storytelling, suomi sound, surreal movies, sustainability, symbolism, synchromy, techno, technorganicism, temperance, the fixx, theriomorphs, timothy leary, travel, urban gnosis, used bookstores, variable gender, veganic farming, visual narrative, vonda mcintyre, weird beats, weirs, whispers, 한국말
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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