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User:sugarmetal (26046)
Website:wartowns @ lj
Bio:world war three
Interests:54: age of sails, alternative realities, ancient egypt buggery, apocalyptic survival horror, being alone not lonely, blogcrews, bloodlust, bruises, claims, cleopatra's death, exploring personal histories, fandom, feminism, fiction is fictional, films with a meaning, gender and sexuality, gods, gore, green light, henry & june, henry miller's genius, heritage, icons, imaginary warfare, kind strangers, literature always, luchino visconti, marquise de sade, mastodon, metalcore, mindfucked morbid things, music as a saviour, neon genesis evangelion, not liking men, raw sugar skinny milk, saccharine highs, seabeasts, sending out cute mail, surviving on coffee, sweet pop, symbolic poetry, the corporate america, the end of west, the fall of man, the syphilis ridden paris, thin cigarettes with holders, trash versus class, underoath, varied personalities, weimar germany cabarets, world war three, your freedom my freedom, your personal faiths,
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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