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User:superkibum (14758)
Location:Nevada, United States
Interests:41: 13, dj tukutz, epik high, everlasting friends, family, flame, friends, jpop, kpop, languages, lead, mithra jin, msn, pink, procrastinating, super junior, tablo, the world, w-inds., , , 김기범, 김려욱, 김영운, 김종운, 김희철, 동방신기, 박정수, 소녀시대, 수영, 슈퍼주니어, 신동희, 썬이, 윤호, 이동해, 이성민, 이혁재, 조규현, 최시원, 티파니, 한경
Schools:None listed
People8:bigbang, grouphugs, luvotomy, maryalice, news, rainbowskies, sapphireblue, system
Mutual Friends:6: bigbang, grouphugs, luvotomy, maryalice, rainbowskies, sapphireblue
Account type:Early Free User

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