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User:teamromy (24335)
Bio:Welcome to Team Romy

Friending policy: This scribbld journal is friends only for the benefit of our other friends who prefer to comment without being jumped on.

If we have you friended on another journaling service, it is highly unlikely that we will friend you here because we read you there. We don't need to read crossposts on every journal. And we crosspost everything anyway, so there isn't anything here that you haven't already read.

This journal is only for keeping in touch with friends who we really don't keep track of anywhere else.We like to make our own opinions on the characters of people that friend us. Please do not judge us by our friends. If that's a problem for you, then don't bother.

If you want to get to know us, these posts are good ones to get you started:

Answers to Common Questions 1
Answers to Common Questions 2
Irritating Questions and a Guide to friending us
The Inner World
Males Within - A Male perspective of Being in a Female Body System

Introductions of specific individuals are listed further down this profile.

We are a plurality (multiple personality) system with eigenpersons, walk-ins, otherkin, and many others in residence. We have a complete life in-world as well as out and we hope, through the use of this journal to give people a sneak peek at the life of an empowered multiple. But the real reason we are coming out of the closet, so to speak, is because there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Still, after all these years, people think you are either a crack pot, a criminal, or possessed by demons. We are none of those things. We are not fakers just trying to get attention and we don't have a therapist pulling at our strings to get recognition. We are not dangerous to ourselves or others and we don't have the overwhelming need or urge to be integrated back into the original host. Please - Don't treat me like I am a nut case or that I just want attention (I get enough of it, really).

What you see on television and in the movies about multiples is rarely true and please don't tell me how you read Sybil. Sybil is a load of crap...it was embellished...embellished for sales! ><

We live with another empowered multiple ([info]theweranarchist) who, because they are a major part of our life, we will reference often as "The Wers".

How do you know who is speaking? Well, that's easy...we have created icons with our names on them. ^_~ Should be easy to figure out. Now let me take a minute and explain what a eigenperson/walk-in is and what it means to us.

This is the definition of a walk-in as seen on the The Blackbirds Layman's Terms site: "Walk-ins are people who have characteristics of or feel strongly related to people or creations outside the body--perhaps even stating that they are a person from a story or another world, for example."

What this means to us is this...we are and have been heavy into books, anime, manga and other fandoms...and some of us have taken the guise of these "outworld characters" because they feel comfortable to us.

We are not soulbonds. We prefer the term eigenpeople.

We have a Yohji (from Weiss Kreuz)...actually a set of them from different times and points of Yohji's "life"...each of the Yohji Contingent has his own memories...of being in Weiss, of Asuka, and he remembers "dying" to get "here". We also have Remus Lupin (from Harry Potter) although he is about 17 or so, Goku (from Saiyuki), and many others.

Introductions of the Anime Invasion:

The Yohji Contingent
The Omi Contingent
The Crawford Contingent
The Nagi Contingent
Braden - one of the Crawford Contingent
Yotan - one of the Yohji Contingent



Other Introductions:

Little Frog

But we also have the older guard...Romy, Ethan, Jay, Ravenne, Melannon, Lily, and several others...that have been here from before we can remember. We have otherkin...elves, vampires, drow, dwarves, dragons, and angels...as well as humankind. Every multiple system we have come into contact with is very different in the way that they set up their "system" even though some of the elements are the same.

We have lost count of how many are here...and it really doesn't matter. It is how we live, it is not a disorder to us and we are extremely happy!

For more information on multiples and pluralities, you can reference these to sites:


If you have any questions, just ask. We are pretty open about our life! Even if you think it may be insulting...please just ask. ^_~ We will answer the best we can or direct you to a place where you can find answers.

Private Journals

Yazuu's Journal - lots of environmental talk
Kadaj's Journal
Nero's Icon Journal
The Nagi Contingent's Journal

For any potential naysayers and trolls who might want to violate our journal

You can read our response to the last troll here: Genesis' Response So, if you are here to cause trouble, go somewhere else.

Our Multiple Code (if you need to know):

MuC N? [f;f/m/a/*] S.Hf/S.He/S.Hd/S.Hm/S.Uv/S.Sa/S.Sg/S.Sd/S.Ld/S.~/*/&/S.Mcw~/S.Mrr~ A (b++ r---/+++!!!) Os/w Wc/Ww/Wd Cc+ I---# OF++ Past/Pspi/Ppre/Pmag Fx/Fc/Fes/Feb/Fpd/Fpf/Fpw/Fa/F~/Fast/Fdiv T++#* Xg/Xb/Xs/+/^!@% Jh/Jr Do/Dv/Dg R-- C++ So-- Mf+

The WeatherPixie

Kamui's egg pets:

Kadaj's Fetuses:

I adopted a cute lil' pirate fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' dragon fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Yazuu's fetuses:

I adopted a cute lil' poison fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Reno's fetus:

I adopted a cute lil' ninja fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Interests:38: abuse survivor, alternative healing, anime, anti-integration, anti-medication, archetypes, bjd, changelings, communication, cooperation, creation myths, did, dissociative identity disorder, dragons, drawing, empowered multiple, faeries, fallen angels, fandom, fun, inner worlds, med-free, monkey, movies, mpd, multiple personality disorder, multiplicity, music, other worlds, otherkin, reading, shapeshifters, sketching, soulbonders, systems, vampires, website management, werewolves
Schools:None listed
People8:inkoflemon, jukai, leanne, news, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, system, thisonething
Friend of:6: amirah, inkoflemon, jukai, leanne, sandglass, thisonething
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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