September 9th, 2008

01:17 pm - Friends Only

This journal is now friends only.  If you are on this journal as a friend already, then you are fine.

But if you are coming in new from a service i have already friended you at, I am going to just read you on that service instead.  This keeps the amount of crossposts that I have to read to a bare minimum.  It also saves me time with the amount of journals I have to keep up with while I am trying to do school as well.

Thank you for your understanding.

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September 8th, 2008

05:39 pm - I'm Tired
I am tired.  I have a mountain of reading homework that I am never going to catch up on, inworld things I have to take care of, a little brother who is pouting because he doesn't have an episode of the Middleman on TV tonight.

There is a pulled muscle in our neck that hurts to high heaven and an off and on muscle ache in our right thigh that makes want to cry.

My eyes are hot and dry, my head is full of so much stuff that I really don't know how to turn it off and it is raining.

I know it is early in the week, but can I have a do-over?

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September 7th, 2008

02:42 pm - Crito and Phaedo
Since Genesis is having issues with Socrates (the kind of issues that involve stabbing yourself in the eye), I have gone ahead and taken the helm of this little group.  I am sure that Genesis will be back later when we get through the Socratic dialogues.

So, I thought that since I had to write up the mini-essay that is due on Tuesday (I have a very good first draft), I would give you all a taste of the Socratic texts by Plato.

Unfortunately, if I let you in on the real text, you would be bored to tears, and like Genesis, stabbing your eyes.

So, I give you, in a humorous dialogue, what we collectively think of Socrates right this moment.  Consider this my own cracky fannish paraphrasing.

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September 6th, 2008

08:56 pm - This and that
After philosophy ate Genesis' brain today, I decided to catch up on some reading for Geo 150.  I did very well in getting a good chunk of the material out of the way, but will still be at it tomorrow.  We have a quiz coming up soon so I will have to learn a bunch of the terms as well. 

I do find it fascinating though as it covers climate change and if you know me, you know how much I really love that topic. I think Maxwell will have to take over the lab since I was really struggling with the hands on portion of the work.  I read and comprehend fairly well and do very well with note-taking, but Maxwell is the hands-on guy.

Tomorrow, I will be back at the homework (primarily Archaeology) and Genesis needs to write a first draft of that mini-essay before his online class.  I think he is starting to get somewhat annoyed with Socrates and this gives me a little bit of snarky glee...I don't know why.  Earlier today, Genesis was wishing that Socrates would just "drink the damn hemlock already!" ^___^

Tonight, our apartment was covered in Japanese words.  We have taped some japanese words to the walls in strategic locations.  The idea is that we will learn them if we are forced to use them.  So whenever we see the word, we have to say it - no matter whose out.  This could be fun.  ^_^

Also made a few hiragana flash cards.  Must practice more on those this weekend as well.

Let's see, what else is new...

Angora made us a workable schedule for dealing with the journaling services and keeping up with friends. This is what it looks like:

IJ - Read everyday (it is the bigger flist and therefore moves faster)/Reply to comments and journals Friday and Saturday unless we have a lot of time on our hands.
LJ - Read Mondays/ Reply Mondays
Inksome - Read Wednesday/Reply Wednesday
Scribbld - Read Thursday/Reply Thursday

Everyone here is doing very well, and there is nothing really pressing to report.  I don't want to bore everyone with studies that may only interest me.

I do miss you all, but please know that I am really having the time of my life!  ^_^
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September 5th, 2008

01:35 pm - Club Night!
Last night, Ken and me decided to go in and see about joining Fanamania at the University.

It was so much fun! We discussed anime that we would like to view and met a bunch of really fabulous people! It was so much like a big party.

Apparently they are going to have a rave either this month or next.

It is so nice to hang around with people of common interests. ^_^

As we were leaving the meeting though it was pouring rain outside. I had brought my umbrella and Ken and I had great fun huddling under it all the way to where we parked the car. We basically put our arms around each other and walked with the same foot first so that we were as close as we could be to share the small umbrella. I am sure we looked like a couple drunk people, laughing and giggling all the way!

And we still got a bit wet. ^___^

There is also a girl from Angora's Japanese class in the club, so it will be nice to know someone else when we go to class. ^_^

It was a lot of fun. It was almost like a group for Anime Anonymous, except with laughter.

But now, I have to go and get the study crew out. Working tonight, so we have to get as much in as we can. I think that since we have so much reading for Philosophy to do and a mini-essay, it will be Genesis.



(hee and now we have a tag for clubs. ^__^)

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September 3rd, 2008

05:18 pm - Mid-week highlights
First off, we still haven't been able to leave any substantial comments to any one or reply to comments.  We ARE reading though and trying to keep up.  Hopefully during our two-hour "study session" we will be able to get some of those comments answered and left.  Bear with us, we are still working on a routine.

So far, the week in review...

1. Our book-bag broke at the top - it's not mendable, but it was free, so we are okay with that.  Good thing we had a spare.

2. Picked up a killer calculator for $10 for lab and while I was in the store managed to get a really decent digital voice recorder for lecture.

3. Our denim shorts split in the front side under the belt loop - good thing we were wearing a long shirt that covered it.  Rude is going to see if he can fix it, but I am not holding out hope.

4. Homework OMG! I think this will get better once we get passed the first couple of weeks.

5. In Japanese class,  we are concentrating on the hiragana and katakana.  I know know how to introduce myself again.  YAY! (Formally: Hajimemashite, watashi wa Angora desu. Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.  ^_^)

6. We got lost in the French Hall building on Tuesday.  There are really no windows in the building except near the elevators to let you distinguish your orientation to other objects.  But, we managed to find our way again.

7. Have a two possible topics for the term paper that is due in Archaeology.  The biggest problem will be narrowing the scope because the topics are so huge.

Tomorrow, Yazuu will be finding out when the professor for archaeology wants him to come in and help catalog her library.  ^__^

And tomorrow night is the Anime Club meeting!  Huzzah!!! ^_^ That should be really fun. We're going to take The Wers with us since you don't have to be in the University to join.  ^_^

Next week, we have the Welcome Back Picnic on campus.  Guess where we are going to be?  Manning the Environmental Sciences Club table from 1-3p.  ^___^

Look look!  We have almost made it through the second week of school!  And...we are still loving it, even though it is trying and exhausting at times.

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September 2nd, 2008

01:17 pm - Feeling a bit under the weather and under pressure
I have just finished my GEO 150 class for the day, spoke with The Wers on the phone and had my apple lunch.  Over all the day is going very well, except for one thing.

I am feeling a bit under the weather.  The body has a bit of a stomach upset that could be due to the menstruation - or not.  Genesis was complaining of it yesterday and it stayed with us to appear this morning for me.  The reason that I don't think it is from menstruation (besides the fact that the monthly has been very good to us this month!) is because Genesis the Being sweated out our side of the bed by the middle of the night.  He actually woke up to use the bathroom and had to rinse off the sweat.  Soaking wet type of sweat.

And no, it wasn't from being under too many sheets as he had kicked all the sheets off sometime in the night and we had the air conditioning plus a fan on us.

But, I went to school anyway.

1. I enjoy my time here.
2. I love my classes so far.
3. If I missed the GEO 150 lecture, the previous reading would have made no sense whatsoever to me.  I was able to get some questions answered and things were put into perspective.

I was iffy this morning whether I would've stayed for the Archaeology class, but I have decided to stick it out.  I think I will be okay, but I am going to take it relatively easy this evening in case I am coming down with something.  I certainly don't want to get sick now.  I am on a roll and Japanese class is tomorrow.

As far as school is concerned, I am feeling a little pressure to get everything done in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, some of that is because we have an issue with reading comprehension.  Some of us are very slow readers and have to sometimes read a sentence to or three times to grasp the meaning.  Some of it is because the subject matter triggers mind wander and even though we are reading, we don't retain what we read very well.

If anyone that has been through college or University before can give us any structural study tips - I could probably use them.  We have three subjects split into four classes and I am also looking a joining a couple clubs that would be beneficial to the field I am eventually looking into. Time management may be an issue here.

Figure into the game our multiplicity and the fact that everyone wants time out for various other things plus housework, time with The Wers, and and....well you get the point.  I am sure it will get better as the term progresses, but we need to start developing some kind of routine. Any thoughts? (Thank you in advance!)

Oh, I will try to bring the camera with me on Thursday and take pictures of the campus!  

And now to get to some homework and reading while I am stuck in the library (yes, you know I like it) and free up the computer for someone else that needs it.  Archaeology begins at 2:30p!
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August 29th, 2008

01:27 pm - You're probably tired of hearing about school by now...
Yes, well, we are just all so excited about it!!

Today, Genesis worked on our philosophy dialogue for the online forum.  For that class you basically have to make one post that answers a given question and then reply to two other people on the board (to spur discussion). 

Is it any surprise that Genesis is good at this class already?  His answer was a lot longer than a lot of the other posts, with pages and quotes cited.  Then he included his thoughts on the reading material as well.  We are really going to have to keep him under those 250 words for the mini-essay or else have someone else write it.  ^_^

Yesterday was a wonderful day at school, as I am sure that you gathered by Yazuu's TWO posts about it!  What he didn't tell you is that he offered to come in on his time between classes and catalog the Anthropology library. The professor is going to hit him up next week for a date and time to do it.  ^_^ 

Due to all the reading homework we have to do this weekend though, I don't know how many comments we will be able to respond to.  Those may have to wait for time over the weekend somewhere.  We'll get things sorted out though.

Speaking of sorted out, we have out course teams:

For Philosophy: Genesis, Tenpou, Wu Fei (with Stormie and Jake shadowing)
For Physical Geography: Yazuu, Maxwell, Haru, Yuki (with Melannon shadowing)
For Archaeology: Yazuu, Braden, Kei, Remus (with Ravenne and Drueggar shadowing)
For Japanese: Angora (ME!) and Kiyoshi

They are subject to change, but they seem pretty solid.

Anyway, the rest of the day is going to be taken up with more homework and a shower.  Then it will be sleeping for work, working and more sleeping.  Chloe is working tonight as it is Zack's birthday and he has the night off. Somewhere in there we will find time to eat. ^_^

Have a good day everyone, okay? ^_^

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August 28th, 2008

12:44 pm - Spamming with school stuff today
 I left my first class about a half hour ago.  It was actually very interesting and I look forward to more of the lectures!  This professors is wonderful and animated - he vows to remember everyone's name by the sixth week of class, to which the ones shadowing me today had abit of an internal snicker.

After this class, I am not so intimidated by the labe work.  It sounds like it will be just as interesting and

We're starting to set up that GEO 150 team and I am certain to be on it!  (We talked about Climate Change today!!!) 

After class, I walked down by the river and sat to have my lunch.  I had packed up some veg and fruit to eat with a small muffin as a dessert.  Kristi...the river has a dam like device that produces a waterfall.  it was wonderful to listen to the water there as I ate.  And just for you, Kristi, I had a fly-by of some canadian geese - six of them.  And they flew so low, I could see all their underfeathers!

Can you all tell that I am having a fabulous day?  ^__^

The library is to die for!  i have never been in a library this big and I am loving it.  I don't think I will be able to explore this whole building in 14 weeks.  

Now, I am going to go transcribe my notes from Geo 150 so that they are legible and in some correct order, listen to the ipod and kill time on Philosophy until 2:30 pm.  Then it is off to Archaeology, which i am incredibly excited to get into!
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09:29 am - School
Currently I am in the library of University waiting for my first class to start at 11 am.

I really need to bring a camera with me and take some pictures. Even though the campus is in the middle of the downtown area, you would never think so.  There is the river running parallel with the buildings, scores of trees and all kinds of park-like areas to rest in.

It is so beautiful.

This library is three floors - so you all know that I am in heaven, right?  ^_^

It's raining right now - well, not so much raining as a light drizzle - but it is supposed to clear off later.  It did give me a chance to test my shiny new umbrella that Genesis and Angeal pick out for me.  ^_^

I really can't wait to get started in class. The first one is the Physical Geography.  When we were here for new students welcome day, I got a chance to find my classes and peek through the closed doors.  That class is in a huge lecture hall sort of like an auditorium and contains a large screen for a projector.  I am so curious about the syllabus and how the subject will be taught.

Archeaology will be our geek class, so you can say that several people are looking forward to that one. That's in a smaller room with just tables, but the room seemed well decorated and very cozy from what I saw on Tuesday.  

Hopefully, this weekend (based on what is taught today) I will be able to set the teams up so that we have set people for set subject and are able to shadow each other.  Today, I have a whole slew of people hanging out around the front waiting to see if they would even be interested in the subject matter.  We'll have to see how this goes.  ^_^

So, here I am at University.  Did you think I would even make it this far when I first talked about doing this?  Can you really believe that I am here?

And you know what?  I am having one of the times of my life.  ^_^

Hope you are all having a good day.  I will read you and comment tonight or tomorrow. ^_^ 
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August 27th, 2008

09:24 pm - My bag is all packed
I have all of my books and supplies in my book bag. I know what I am going to wear for tomorrow too.

All that's left is to make a lunch-like snack that I can eat between my classes, straighten the hair and attend class.

Where I will be tomorrow:

Physical Geography - from 11-12:15 pm
Archaeology - from 2:30-3:45 pm

I don't know if I will find a computer terminal between classes, I may opt for doing some homework, taking a nature walk or something instead.

So, think good thoughts for me tomorrow...especially that I don't get lost in the hallways!
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01:27 pm - It's Official
I am a main player in the philosophy class - and class, it has begun.

It is an online class, but I already have a bunch of reading to get through before Friday. I do have a good start though.  I have downloaded the syllabus and lecture notes, gotten a handle on what is expected from the assignments and how to turn in homework and engage in discussion.

The hardest part of this class - the mini-essays.  Not because I think they will be hard to write, but because he only wants a maximum of 250 words!  How the hell am I going to do that?  As you may well know, I love to ramble, so I will be counting on the Wers to be my beta and cut where needed - also to keep me focused on the main points.

Overall, it looks as though I have a wonderful instructor.  He loves his job (you can tell by his email) and can't wait to get us knee deep in philosophy.

This should prove interesting!

Oh, and I finished Alcetis last night.  It was a good read until the end which left me unsatisfied.  I was wanting so much more and it just seemed so rushed and sewn up too quick.  *sigh*  Oh well, it was a good read until then.


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August 26th, 2008

05:54 pm - I hate money
And I hate anxiety and depression and spinning and feeling overwhelmed.  I hate it all.

I hate crying and don't understand why the body feels the need to do it.

We received a note from the office today about a water bill that we are behind on.  $85.  We paid it today.  Had to because the office will charge us another $75 plus court fees because it is a condition of our lease that we pay that bill.  So, it is now paid.

Good thing we picked up my student stipend check today.

And it was such a good day too - at least for a while.  Went to the New Students Welcome, received goodies from several clubs and organizations, won a manga from the Anime Club, found my classes, had a tour of the rec center and picked up the student id and such. 

Maybe when the body evens out with the emotions, I will make a happy post about the school.  Right now, I just feel defeated.

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August 25th, 2008

11:14 pm - More reasons I love this
What I love is all the homages to other shows.  The snappy dialogue and the references to things we know and love.

This happened to be a huge Doctor Who and Die Hard homage! 

If you are not watching the Middleman, this is the type of stuff you are missing in the dialogue, etc.

This is all the stuff I actually caught that was referenced!  Go me!  Again, this super hero comic book turned TV show rox my sox!

- "pan galactic gargle blaster" - homage by namecheck to "the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"

- "the return of bruno" - homage by namecheck to bruce willis's album of the same name

- "commander benton and specialist heriot" - homage by namecheck to sgt. benton of UNIT, companion to the second and third regenerations of doctor who and to zoe herriott, companion to the second doctor

- "mister lethbridge-stuart, if that is your name!" - homage by namecheck to brigadier lethbridge stuart, companion to the third and fourth doctor who

- "zygon-rated quarantine facility" - homage by namecheck to the alien race first encountered by the fourth doctor who

- the text seen in the clotharian pod is a public-domain variant of the aurebesh alphabet, best known as the graphic representation of the galactic basic language in the star wars universe

- "the nakatomi protocol" - the first of MANY homages to "die hard" in this episode - in a further driving home of the theme, the keypad chimes with beethoven's ode to joy, the central musical conceit of "die hard"...the reason for the constant name-checking of "die hard" in this episode is that, eventually, in the course of every tv series, the producers are forced to do an episode that takes place primarily in the standing sets in order to save money: as a result, almost every series, especially sci-fi shows, have resorted to doing some variation of "die hard" in which a hostile force of some kind causes the standing sets to be taken over and locked down, forcing the heroes to do battle on their own turf, rather than be coy about it, we figured we'd point out the similarity at every turn

- "come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs" - homage by quote (and lucky lighter use) to john mcclaine in "die hard"

- "great, hans grubered with our own robot" - homage to the villain from "die hard," which, by the way, was an homage to the villain from "our man flint," also named "hans gruber"

- "now i have a machine gun - ho-ho-ho" - quote from "die hard"

- "mccrimmon college" - homage by namecheck to another one of the second doctor who's companions

- "the treaty of periperpegilliam" - homage by namecheck to another doctor who character, this one a companion to the fifth and sixth doctor

- "yippi-kay-yay [BLEEP!]" - another homage to "die hard" if you watch closely, you will also notice that the black box covering high aldwin's mouth is part of the holographic projection...either the middleman's or the clotharian holo-system has a built-in censor

- "now i know what a tv dinner feels like" - quote from "die hard"

- "die hard inside an android" - is a screenwriter's joke referring to the glut of films that followed "die hard," all of which were pitched as "die hard in a -" "under siege" (die hard in a battleship) or "air force one" (die hard in air force one) or "toy soldiers" (die hard in a military school) or "executive decision" (die hard in a passenger plane) or "sudden death" (die hard in an arena) or "speed" (die hard in a bus) or "speed 2" (die hard in a cruise ship)

- "like oompa-loompas with power tools!" - homage to the characters in "willy wonka"

- "kiss my asimov" - shout out to the science fiction writer who developed the laws of robotics quoted by the middleman earlier in this scene

- "today john wayne doesn't get to ride off into the sunset with grace kelly" - yet another quote from "die hard"

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12:46 pm
For anyone that is not posting at IJ any longer - could you let us know?  We would like to clean up our friends list a bit and don't see the point of keeping you on the list if you never post or comment here. And let us know what you go by on the other services.  With so many new usernames out there, we are getting confused a bit as to who is who.

Also, if you feel you would like to part ways, let us know that as well.  We are offering you a good out. Comments are screened for this reason.

Today is massive laundry day.  Have quite a few blankets to do as well as the clothing, so I will probably be trapped at the laundromat for a while.  Not that I mind, but I will probably have to find a book to read.

I will get to friends list and all comments later today or early tomorrow.

Still have prompts to get posted too.

We are having the spinning thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed again.  It's not a logical thing, but it is there.  It started last night in the store while getting school supplies and carried through to the grocery market and then home.  It is still with me this afternoon.

We're going to be posting here every time that we have those feelings to see if there is a cycle or a pattern to them. 

We're also having hip issues.  That is just a case of insult to injury and can stop any time as far as I am concerned.

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August 23rd, 2008

08:02 pm - It's a Barber Shop, It's a Gun Barn, it's...
Early last week, Angeal and me went to Frankenmuth to have lunch.

On the way to the restaurant we pass quite a few small towns. One town, Otisville, had us with our jaws hanging down with their Gun Barn/Barber Shop. That's right folks, you can get your hair cut then browse for guns! That way, when hunting season comes around you can look your best!!

We also went through another town that showcased a big semi-trailer that said (in pink letters) BIG DICK. It was parked in a lot next to a store that had trash bags masking the windows with no trespassing signs all over the place. This prompted much laughter and the slight wish that we had carried the camera with us.

Why do we always get the "special" outings?

I wasn't actually going to say anything about this...but on television tonight, there was an ad for The Gun Barn/Barber Shop (they have over 3000 guns!). Still special...


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04:22 pm - So much to do, so little time
We have a busy week ahead of us. See, we like to have smooth transitions into "big scary things" and University qualifies as a big scary thing that needs a relatively smooth transition so that we don't stress ourselves out. Most of the time that we stress, it is stress we put on ourselves, so the planning ahead of time thing really helps us out a lot.

So, the next couple of days will be spent cleaning the apartment. We have bunch of laundry to do because we have blankets and such and we really need to spend some time cleaning out the bedroom, moving the furniture and vacuuming everything. We have to get better about putting our clothes away, but I don't see that happening in the near future.

Trying to figure out a cooking schedule so that The Wers take more of an active part in the preparation. That way, we will have that extra time to study.

Monday, we need to go out and get a few choice school supplies. The best thing about that is that we still have a couple gift certificates from Christmas that might have about $10 on them.

Tuesday will be spent mostly at University. We are going to attend the New Students Welcome which includes tours of the school and an orientation to the rec center and the library. Also have to change our address and pick up out stipend check. Apparently somewhere between the first of the month and the end of the month somebody dropped a digit on our address and now things are being returned to the school. *sigh* Oh well, easy enough to fix. Hopefully we will get to pick up our parking permit and our student ID as well.

Wednesday we have to dig out all our books for Thursday - they have canceled the Thursday Geography lab because apparently you can't do the lab before you have the actually class - and our book bag. Also have to do any thing that requires last minute attention.

Thursday is the first day of class. I am going to shadow Yazuu for most of it along with several others. We are hoping that by next week, we will have pulled together a bit of a team to handle all the coursework and classes.

Of course we will let everyone know how we are doing.


Now, even though we cross-post everywhere right now, this is only for the convenience of our friends really because we care to keep in touch. IJ is our home for the moment and will remain so - we are comfortable here, even with the problems. No service is perfect and we are willing to stick it out for several personal reasons (besides, when Brad was starting up LJ, he had problems with the service to that had to be worked out). Don't expect us to hang out at other services (especially with school starting) and read anyone there more than once a week. If we comment, it will probably be old news by then.

By the way, we also manage a website - it is one that started with a slow stream of people and all of a sudden we had tons of email and more responsibility and visitors galore! It's not easy growing huge overnight, which is why we understand the problems </a></b></a>[info]squeaky is faced with. Also, being that he is dealing with trying to get legal custody of a nephew and hurricane fay...well, we get the stress of life smacking you all at once. Sure, there are things that he could be doing but there were things that Brad could have done when he was setting up LJ to a major service too. Sometimes we have to learn as we go.

Aside from all that, I guess that we have infinite patience for a lot of things (other than our own shortcomings), we we an early adopter so we didn't pay that much for a permanent account, and we have an extreme dislike for LJ because we feel betrayed and sold out by them.

That said, not to worry, we don't fault any of you for finding a place that works for you. We like it here and will crosspost for you.

(By the way, the opinion expressed here is my own and may or may not be shared by the rest of the Team. My opinion may be unpopular but it is my own.)

- Genesis

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August 22nd, 2008

03:04 pm - Bits and bobs
We are surrounded by a new layer of asphalt on all sides.  It's a process that they call "resealing" where instead of tearing up the old stuff and placing down new, they basically spray an asphalt sheen over the whole lot.  It makes it look darker and prettier, I guess.  From the cracks and everything in it already, I think it looks like trash.  Not to mention that it is a parking nightmare here right now.

We've pretty much been housebound the last few days because of it and yet, it does permeate the apartment a bit to where the asthma has flared up and the sinuses are out of control.  But hey, at least we aren't trying to itch our skin off in layers. Stupid asphalt allergy.

The Amazon order that we made should be here today.  The Wers are going to pick it up for us!  Good thing we saved that gift certificate (thanks, elwon_hamster!) because now we will have a decent kanji book (thanks for the rec, stopthatgirl!).

Got a little housework done today despite the breathing issues, so I feel good about that. The futon needed vacuuming pretty badly.

Working tonight, so someone will have to get some sleep later so that Zack can be up and functional at 2 am.  Zack doesn't sleep.  He'll make an attempt and then lay there and toss and turn.  But he works, so it is a good trade off.  Maybe we can hop Nero up on Zyrtec and throw him out to sleep.  Zyrtec knocks Nero right the hell out.

We'll have to look at getting some school supplies on Monday or Tuesday.  We would like a 5 subject notebook at least.  Have all the pens and such we could ever need, so I think paper will be the only expense there.  Already have a bag that we can use for books.  Anyone have any suggestions of what we might need for classes?  

And that's really my thoughts today in a nutshell.  ^_^

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August 20th, 2008

01:36 pm - What's Going On?
So, this week we have an inconvenience at ye goode olde apartment. They are resurfacing/resealing the parking lots. This is good for driving and parking on nice smooth pavement, bad for trying to get around the crews to home. Also bad because of our asphalt allergy. Guess we will be living in air-conditioning for the next few days.

School starts next Thursday. I think that we plan on going to the New Students Welcome Banquet on Tuesday, but not staying for the food. We want to get the orientation to the rec center and find our classes ahead of time. Also would like to possibly get the student id andparking permit (should we need it)

Over all we are feeling much better lately. The exhaustion has pretty much left ad the blues are almost non-existant.

Genesis has been reading a lot lately. He finished Orestes a couple days ago and has started Alcetis (both by Euripedes). I have a theory that he is prepping for the Philosophy class, since it involves reading Plato. This way he can get into the Greek mindset a bit...I guess. ALl I know is that he said that he likes the banter between Apollo and Death in the Alcestis book.

Other than just dealing with daily life issues of meals, cleaning and preparing to enter University - life has been pretty quiet here. It's how we like it, actually.

Finances are still a bit overwhelming, but we will get through that hurdle eventually.

How's your day going?

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August 16th, 2008

11:30 pm - New journal here
I'm going to start cross-posting entries here. 

You have been warned.

Now, if only I can figure out how to maintain the journal scheme I really want.

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