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i make it rain diamonds; ([info]titjobs) wrote,
@ 2009-12-10 21:19:00

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hahaha our family Christmas pictures... they really like getting dressed up i swear!

biggie (ann) smalls is the pomeranian, mista is the yorkie and teagan is the littlest. she's biggies baby!

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2009-12-11 03:35 am UTC (link)
omgomgomg. i love it. they're little reindeers. aww. haha.

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2009-12-14 03:12 am UTC (link)
haha i knowwww. they dress up all the time. my mom claims they don't like being naked haha

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2009-12-13 08:59 pm UTC (link)
they're adorable!! where did you get the reindeer outfits? I have to get some for my puppies. :)

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