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User:whitestrose (27486)
A Pinch of Whimsy
Wartorn Sentiments
Location:United States
Bio:I'm a Christian mom I'm here because my sanity requires a place to be where i can hear myself think and my words will not be critiqued, measured, or judged.

Drama/discord will not be tolerated here, as kindness will be the norm as well as the accepted currency.

I am G-rated in an increasingly x-rated world.

I do not bite, and i do not fight. Those who thrive on drama or harrassing others will be deleted without notice.

Welcome to my world.
Interests:14: bacon and eggs, books, cats, cheese and crackers, dogs, kindness, laughter, magazines, nail polish, pets, tlc tv., truth, warm weather, wisdom
Schools:None listed
People2:news, oftheoldworld
Mutual Friends:1: oftheoldworld
Account type:Early Free User

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