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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-03-27 20:54:00

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6 minutes until LOST comes on, then Americ'as best Dance crew....Jabbawockeez better win.

Just wanted to say I had a nice day :) THANK YOU COLLEEEEEN I LOVES YOU MUCHO.

It was nice to get out and hang out with a girl lol AND on top of that watching your dog and my dog interact was pretty funny lol I <3 Cord

I also like hearing about the wedding stuff for some reason it makes me all cheery lol I wish I was getting married damn you! You are lucky that you have a guy like Kyle :) I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE EFFING WEDDING....i know, i keep saying that but I mean it lol.

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2008-03-28 02:14 am UTC (link)
Enjoy your shows~ I'm watching a movie on tv. XD;;; I do too, but it makes me want to have one, first I need a guy though.

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2008-03-28 11:49 pm UTC (link)

I'm glad you had a nice day. =]
What'd ya do?

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2008-03-30 03:38 am UTC (link)
JABBA WOCKEEZZZZZZZ !!! i was gonna raise hell is Status NO won. they were nowhere NEAR as good as Jabba

I went out with Colleen and My dog and we ate lunch, walked around, had my dog play with hers it was a very chill day

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2008-03-29 05:14 am UTC (link)
Yeah boi. Jabbawockeez kicked ASS all season. =)

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2008-03-30 03:38 am UTC (link)
hell fucking yeah u cant beat them they were the BEST. I voted my ass off for them all week.

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2008-04-04 03:22 am UTC (link)
I didn't. I only voted twice this season, but both times for them lol. I did like Kaba Modern though. They were awesome, too.

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