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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-07-30 13:46:00

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Hey all...moving to LJ
Yea the resentment I have for Scribbld just gets worse and worse unfortunately so I am moving to LJ. i think i will be MUCH happier there. My username there is: zellywelly

I had signed up with this same user name but for some reason i cant remember the password or email i used to sign up for it lol so im SOL and had to sign up with a shorter version of my long lived blogging name.

So anyway anyone with an LJ add me and If you could leave your LJ names here for me that'd be great. If LJ sucks my next step is going to IJ. I just want to be at a place where i can easily customize my journal and be away from drama and stop HEARING about drama.

I have PLENTY to talk about now so i wont be MIA like i have been here on LJ.

Toodles guys. I miss you all

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2008-07-30 08:10 pm UTC (link)
I added you. I'm mostly on LJ too. kissme_deadly_x

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2008-08-01 02:03 am UTC (link)
sweet cant wait to go blogging again!

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2008-07-30 08:20 pm UTC (link)
I'm kiokushitakaa.

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2008-08-01 02:02 am UTC (link)
oooo i see you all up on LJ :) see ya there

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2008-07-30 09:04 pm UTC (link)
Added you on my lj: kuroitenshi13, please add me back.

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2008-08-01 02:02 am UTC (link)
I added everyone who added me. im excited to get back to blogging!

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2008-08-01 02:11 am UTC (link)
I look forward to it.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2008-07-30 11:13 pm UTC (link)
See you there, if I ever remember to post. rambo_wolf, look me up if you want.

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2008-08-01 02:01 am UTC (link)
I hope you do post there! Im adding ya

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2008-07-31 03:09 am UTC (link)
I was wondering why I hadn't been seeing you around. I'll add you there; I'm bloodandhope

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2008-08-01 02:00 am UTC (link)
ah cool its good to know most of you are over there as well. Yea Everytime I log on I seem to find a lot of people talk about the drama here tho im not involved in it i know the people causing it and knowing they are here ruins my mood to be here so im going over there and i cant WAIT.

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2008-08-03 07:30 am UTC (link)
My username on there is like_a_meteor. Add me :D

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