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My neon glowing neck breaks! ([info]saekuto) wrote,
@ 2008-01-28 16:51:00

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I feel that I was made for something more; 
my curse, this awful power to unmade.
and ever since you found your taste for war,
you've forced me into those whose lives you'd take.

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2008-02-03 05:47 am UTC (link)
i dunno if you wanna keep adding me, but i'm fea (yotsubox) from GJ

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2008-02-04 03:01 am UTC (link)

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2008-02-05 08:26 pm UTC (link)
i was ~cokaine at GJ. ♥

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2008-02-07 11:20 pm UTC (link)

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2008-03-21 12:40 am UTC (link)
join [info]flowerchoir

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2008-05-26 04:17 am UTC (link)

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2008-05-29 11:20 pm UTC (link)

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2008-10-14 02:08 am UTC (link)
A place to share and request music, videos, programs, etc.

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2013-10-23 01:49 pm UTC (link)
9lTqAI wow, awesome article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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