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Hey guys! It's Ally, bringing in another character.

This is Molly Richards, Sophomore in Rienzi, and here are a couple of things you should know:

1. Molly is extremely religious. She practices the Mormon faith and as such has SEVERAL quirks, i.e. she doesn't drink, smoke, cuss, do drugs, have sex, have tattoos or extra piercings, she doesn't wear clothes that reveal anything above her upper arm, above her knees or her midriff, and she's never seen a rated R movie. Also, she's never been on a date or kissed a boy.

2. She's a little bit afraid of boys, well, she's afraid of dating them. She's VERY afraid of homosexuals and bis. Don't even get her started on transgenders. It's all mostly because she doesn't understand it, though.

3. She comes from a ginormous family. Her parents each have seven siblings and most of them are married and have children. She has five siblings herself, all younger than her.

4. She's very athletic and is tackle on the Rienzi Quodpot team. She's also sort of crazy busy with extracurriculars. She can play four different instruments and knows how to do a ton of stuff. Her parents are both muggles who thought she had autism and ADHD, so they made her do a bunch of crap.

5. She has a crush on Casey.

6. She's struggling with her religion and how it can coexist with magic.

In short, she's a very nice girl who is a little bit of a tomboy. She's pretty social and can talk to just about anyone about just about anything. She really tries not to, but she silently judges people on their destructive or lascivious behavior. And usually, she doesn't preach unless someone asks her something specific about her church.

She needs friends and people to fear.


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Introducing Saint Marina
Carol again! This time I bring you Marina Ruiz.

-She's Sam's twin sister, a junior in Rienzi
-She's a gossipy cheerleader and a phenomenal gymnast
-She's obsessed with religious imagery, particularly regarding women
-She's into all kinds of arts
-She's bi, but she hasn't told her brother yet. She might be having secret sex with someone (and if you think it might be one of yours let me know)
-And she's totally in love with the Old Spice man on a horse commercials

More detailed info.

Friends, enemies, S.O.s. We'll take anything you want to give!


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/sneaking in with another one
So, it's Cede here with another kiddo! Meet Kenya, a senior Rienzi who will one day be on Broadway. She's the nice girl who sits quietly in class and takes notes, the one who doesn't smoke or drink or really curse- unless she kind of really has to.

A few facts: 
  • As stated, she's a senior in Rienzi, active in drama, music and dance.
  • Has an older brother who graduated last year, he was a bit of a trouble maker and is now not getting arrested or anything. Nope.
  • Kenya has every intention of one day performing professionally, and has been known to carry her sheet music in her purse and hum the opening lines of Aida when she doesn't think anyone is looking.
  • Honestly assumes Justine Beiber is a girl.
  • Nice to just about everyone she meets- it's hard to get on her bad side, but once you have? You're not getting off it.
  • Does not "Z-Snap" 

So there is obviously a lot more. You can check her profile for the basics, and here for everything else!
I'm basically looking for friends, less than friends, maaaaaybe boys she's dated, whatever!



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Kazimir de Kooning
Hi. Joey here. I'm new. And staying for a while. Get over it.

Introducing Kazimir, Anastas' younger, prettier brother. He is seventeen, from Russia (but now lives in California), and a junior in Lalaurie house. Your characters have probably either seen him around school and were too afraid to speak with him or they didn't notice him at all.

His biography is posted here and his relationships are here. Brief rundown:

-He is the third de Kooning son (of four) and every one (thus far) has/is in Lalaurie house. He doesn't really get along with any of his siblings but he absolutely does not get along with An-ASS-tas. At all.
-He likes learning as much as possible though his classwork typically winds up being more of a burden than anything else. He finds a majority of his schoolwork simple to the point of boredom.
-He enjoys transfiguration but he hates you.
-Oh, he also hates Abernathy Ford.
-He doesn't hate smoking cigarettes when/where he's not supposed to, being rude, holding his liquor better than his brother, cursing (ie saying "fuck" not "avada kedavra"), transfiguration, and listening to obnoxious music. In fact, he loves all of these things more than his family. To be frank, he loves the dirt under his fingernails more than his family.
-Also, he oddly enough is friends with Sam Ruiz. Don't ask because there isn't much of an answer.
-He masturbates more than any student in CCI. Combined.

I am open to literally anything that anyone could think of to connect their character(s) to Kaz in any sort of twisted, fucked up, or sunshine-and-rainbows sort of way. I just don't think he'd be keen on the latter of the three.


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Hello people! I'm Kasey and I bring with me the lovely little Slone Vargas.

Slone is 15 and a sophomore over in Rienzi. Slone is a very bright and optimistic girl who loves to make people smile and happy. Some things to know about Slone:

+ Slone is the daughter of a squib and has four siblings none of which are wizards so her mother has placed an extreme amount of pressure on her to succeed academically and often take energy pills so she can get all of her work done.

+ Slone has a major love of fashion and loves to design and make clothes. It doesn't take much persuasion to get Slone to design and make an outfit for her friends, so long as they buy the material. In fact she joined the drama club just so she could work on their costumes.

+ Slone is bi-sexual even though she doesn't like to make a big deal out of it.

+ Slone is a complete pushover when it comes to her friends and will pretty much do whatever they want her too.

+ Is a cheerleader

+ Writes an advice column for the paper though she has a habit of giving bad advice.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. If you want to read up on her, her profile is here. If you want to chat or anything my AIM is Wedoitonthestage. Of course I always forget to sign on so just send me an e-mail yelling at me to get on and I'll most likely get on. So I'd love to get Slone some friends, maybe some past flings, some people for her to crush on/have a crush on her, people who hate her, and everything in between.

I look forward to playing with you all!!!


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Hey there, everyone! Glad to be here! My name is Mark and I’ve just been accepted. I was looking through the RPG ads and this HP game seemed really different than all of the others. I liked the idea of an American school. I grabbed my friend, Ally, to join with me and she’s already been accepted (with a fantastic character, Lisette Cavalier).

 My Character’s name is Jakob Frost and he’s a 17 yr old Junior in House Rienzi. He’s a nice guy, but a bit odd. Here are a few things to clue you in about Jakob:

 *His family is obscenely wealthy.

*He is the 3rd born son. He has two much older brothers who are being groomed to take care of the Frost Empire. Jakob is supposedly being given free reign.

*He is a James Bond fanboy and still, at his age, pretends to be the secret agent. He doesn’t care if he’s caught ‘playing spy’.

*Keeps a running dialogue with himself in his head.

*Is bisexual and has a pretty high libido (practically undresses everyone with his eyes).

* He’s a sucker for a hard luck story and is always there with a shoulder to cry on or a kind ear for anyone who needs it.

*He’s a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has used it to help muggle victims of street crimes, in the past.

 I’d love for Jakob to have friends, enemies and even friends with benefits (he doesn’t do committed GF/BF relationships…he needs to care about the girl or boy he is intimate with, but he’s not ready for monogamy). His user info is here, if you need to know more, check out his user info at jake_frost

Again, I’m glad to be here and look forward to playing! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to thread!


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Another day, another newbie
My name is Antha and I'm new here. I was originally recruited by E.J. because I have a knack for playing bitchy homosexuals, but I'm having a few issues with the history on that one so here's a shiny blond distraction until I get all of the bugs worked out.

This is Ciaran (pronounced keer-awn, not kee-ran/kee-ar-an) Stoyanov. He's half-Irish, half-Bulgarian and a sophomore in Rienzi. He's eighteen, but he was held back two years at his previous school. Ciaran has been busy being an ignorant prick since he started last term, so he doesn't know that many people. He's recently reassessed his decision to ignore everybody though, and might put a little effort into making some friends.

Fun Facts about Ciaran:

+ He's a punk. Think Misfits, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Rancid, Clash.
+ Is super into Herbology/Care of Magical Creatures. They're his best classes.
+ He was transferred because he broke a kid's nose in a lesson...but it's possible your character might have heard something different. High school gossip and all that.
+ Suffers from function impaired learning disorders that affect his reading, writing and his maths, so school isn't his favourite place to be.
+ Plays guitar & bass. Ciaran brings most of his axes to school because OMG HE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HIS MUSIC. He has an Ibanez RG, a Gibson SG and a Fender Jazz Bass.
+ Wears headphones ALL OF THE TIME. If anyone's made an attempt to talk to him outside of class, he won't have heard them.
+ Likes to draw people, preferably from still life/as near as he can get to that when people watching.
+ Is a BAMF on Guitar Hero.

Overall, he's a lot like Oz from Buffy, only taller...and punkier...and less academic...and more prone to lamping someone. His +++ bio +++ will tell you more about him. He's up for friends, enemies and everything in between!

I'm going to go now, because this is a bit long. I look forwards to playing with you!


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Hey! It is EJ, one more time! This time I bring a girl. Ginger McAvery is a Lalaurie junior, a cheerleader, and pretty much the biggest ditz on the squad. She's not a complete moron, but she just might ask you something stupid "what trees do corn chips grow on again? I toooottally want to buy one." She's a west coast, OC rich girl, from a pureblood family. But she looooves muggle things. Especially the clothes.

She's one of Amber's bffs, though, so like Amber she's part of the bitch squad. However, she's not as ruthless as Amber. XD She'll just make yourself a mini-hell, not a major one.

She also needs past boyfriends, flings, girls to hate on, and everything in between.

Her bio is [HERE].


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Newb Alert!
Hello everyone!  My name is Ally and I am new here.  I heard about the game from a friend of mine, Mark, who should be joining us here shortly.  He and I have been playing together for a long time and a few months ago we had to retire a game we were modding because of my school and work responsibilities.  We've been itching to find a good game to join and it looks like we found one.  That was probably way more than you wanted to know, but I just wanted to say how happy I am to be here.

My character's name is Lisette Cavalier.  She's a Junior in Lalaurie, even though she should really be a Senior.  She took a year off for a "family crisis".  There are a couple of things you should know:
- She practices voodoo.
- She is learning to speak parseltongue.
- She has a two year old daughter.
- Her family owns Cavalier Voodoo in Rue Ge Rouge.
- She's a social outcast.
- She smokes, is an insomniac and has odd nervous habits.

In short, she's an odd duck and more information can be found on her in the profile section of her journal.

Here are a couple things I'm hoping to get for her from you guys:
- People who might want to torment her or ostracize her.
- One or two people to be tentative friends that might end up in a good solid friendship.
- A girl she can experiment with, possibly start a relationship with.

Let me know if you have questions, and obviously if you want to plot and thread with Lisette here.  Thanks!


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Remember me?
Hi! I'm Crystal, and I bring with me Amy Callahan, a Sonnier junior. Some of you might remember Amy and I from Salem Academy, and she still has similarities to her original self (still a snarky geek with a talent for and love of Divination), but I did do some retooling. Mostly that she's no longer all activist-y, and isn't quite as self-righteous as her original incarnation. She's also somewhat more absent-minded than her original incarnation. Another thing is that she's not sure what she wants in life and is trying to figure it out. Other than that, she's mostly the same. You can read her full profile in her journal.

One of the things I retooled were her backstory and family- she has a brother at CCI, a Rienzi freshman who I'd love for someone to pick up (and if you wanted to change his year and/or house, I'd be cool with that, so long as he's younger). She also now has a few ex-stepsiblings at CCI from a couple of her mom's former marriages.

And of course she needs lines! Friends, enemies, ex-stepsiblings, that one guy she had a bad date with last year, etc.


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