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heroes_holiday ([info]heroes_holiday) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2011-02-14 19:12:00

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Entry tags:aquaman, carol ferris, don hall, green lantern hal jordan, holiday, john constantine, lian harper, mera, question, speedy, superboy, zatanna

Valentine Vignettes

I arise from dreams of thee
In the first sweet sleep of night,
When the winds are breathing low,
And the stars are shining bright.
I arise from dreams of thee,
And a spirit in my feet
Hath led me -- who knows how?
To thy chamber window, Sweet!

The wandering airs they faint
On the dark, the silent stream--
And the Champak's odours
Like sweet thoughts in a dream;
The nightingale's complaint,
It dies upon her heart,
As I must on thine,
O belov├Ęd as thou art!

O lift me from the grass!
I die! I faint! I fail!
Let thy love in kisses rain
On my lips and eyelids pale.
My cheek is cold and white, alas!
My heart beats loud and fast:
O press it to thine own again,
Where it will break at last!

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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2011-02-14 11:12 pm UTC (link)
Arthur could be called a lot of things, but romantic wasn't one most people thought of when describing him. However, he could be romantic when he wanted and when it involved Mera. He made reservations at a secluded bed and breakfast in Maine and had the room filled with red roses before their arrival.

They'd have dinner out and then she would come back to a room full of roses.

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2011-02-16 07:40 am UTC (link)
Mera thought Arthur the most romantic of men, brooding and passionate. She adored it even more when he turned all of that in her direction. Loving or fighting, life had never been dull or flat with him in it.

Roses and Arthur. It would be the perfect evening.

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2011-02-16 01:47 am UTC (link)
Conner hovers outside Mia's window with roses and hopes she's home.

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2011-02-16 02:45 am UTC (link)
After a long day at school, cute boy outside of her window was more than welcome.

Smiling, Mia walked over to open the window.

"You could have knocked...but this is pretty sweet, too."

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2011-02-16 02:56 am UTC (link)
He hands her the roses.

"Do you have some time to talk? Maybe we could go somewhere private. There's something I need to say to you." he says.

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2011-02-16 03:01 am UTC (link)
Mia smiled. "I have time. Maybe we could get some Chinese too?"

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2011-02-16 03:17 am UTC (link)
"Funny you should mention Chinese. There's some waiting at our destination." Conner smiles.

He extends a hand.

"Come with me? Oh, and keep the cute pajamas." he says.

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2011-02-16 03:29 am UTC (link)
"Awesome," Mia said, taking his hand.

"Let's get going."

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2011-02-16 03:53 am UTC (link)
Conner takes Mia into his arms and flies her to the Midwest, landing in the Kent Family Barn.

He puts her down in front of the food, then dashes off to put on sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mia Dearden." Conner days.

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2011-02-16 03:57 am UTC (link)
Mia smiled at him. "Happy Valentine's Day, Conner Kent."

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2011-02-16 04:06 am UTC (link)
After they've eaten and relaxed, Conner seems a bit anxious.

"Mia...what do you think is going on between us?" he asks.

"First.../is there/ something going on between us?" he asks.

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2011-02-16 04:48 am UTC (link)
There was a long pause.

"I'd like there to be, Conner." She said. "I really would."

She inhaled. "But first...I really need to ask you something.

I'm not just some rebound thing from Cassie for you, am I?"

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2011-02-16 05:04 am UTC (link)
For a moment, Conner doesn't understand the question and then he does. Then he feels like a complete idiot for not considering that Mia might have felt that way.

"Mia...no. You are not a rebound girl. I swear. I didn't come back intending to get closer to you, but...it happened. I did. Now, I can't imagine /not/ being close to you." Conner says, fidgeting a bit and smoothing back his hair.

"Mia, when I was gone a few months ago, I went to the future. I saw a future where the Titans, the Justice League all of us were gone. Cassie...she was one of Darkseid's Furies and I had to fight her.

She'd become someone I didn't even know, Mia. Coupled with how distant we'd become before I left, I couldn't...I just didn't know how to deal with her anymore. I know that's not really fair, but I was prepared to just be alone for the rest of my life." he says.

"Then you came along and I thought we were just flirting for fun, but then I wanted to see you all the time. I liked having Chinese food and hanging out. I like how you make me trip over my words." he says.

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2011-02-16 05:16 am UTC (link)
There was a long silence.

"I really do like you Conner," she said. "I like hanging out with you, and there's always no place else I'd rather be when we do hang out and do stuff together. Whether it's getting Chinese food or kicking Metallo's ass.

But I've also never really felt this way about a guy before, I guess. My last 'relationship' if you can even call it that, was with a guy that used me both for sex and as his own personal investment plan. I'm not saying you're the same way, and god, I know you're not, but... the whole experience has just jaded me a little, I guess.

Which was why I asked if I was just a rebound from Cassie. I'm glad I'm not, and I hope you understand why I asked. I'm really not used to a guy liking me for well, me, and not for sex."

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2011-02-16 05:30 am UTC (link)
"It's not about sex. I respect you too much to only want that from you." Conner says.

"You should get used to someone wanting you for more than that, because it's happened. It's happening now." he says.

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2011-02-16 05:41 am UTC (link)
Mia smiled brightly.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me, Conner," she said.

She leaned over and kissed him.

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2011-02-16 02:27 pm UTC (link)
Conner returns Mia's kiss, feeling happier than he's been in a very long time. When he returned home, he didn't want to see anyone, or talk to anyone about what had happened in the future. It was a major contributor in how things ended with Cassie.

Now, though, Conner felt confident enough to believe that maybe tomorrow would be well.

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2011-02-16 01:48 am UTC (link)
Hal leaves roses and candy for Carol with a note.

Had to go and see the Little Blue Man Group, finally. I will be home soon. Love, Hal.

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2011-02-16 07:43 am UTC (link)
Carol read the note and sighed. Tapping it against the desktop, she wondered what she could do to Hal that would persuade him of the folly of leaving her alone for a lovers' holiday. There wasn't much she could do /to/ him that he wouldn't enjoy. She did love that man.

She worked through the evening.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 02:30 pm UTC (link)
The funny thing about this is that Hal had used his day off yesterday to go to Oa, while Carol was working. The note, of course, was not wholly truthful. But Hal had to keep Carol's suspicions from blowing his surprise for her.

So it was that she hears her front door open and close. After a slight bit of grunting, a beam of green energy coalesces before her into an emerald sign.

Happy Valentine's Day! Please come to the kitchen!

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 09:32 pm UTC (link)
Carol was finishing a report in her home office when the green light filled the room. All right, Hal Jordan, what are you up to?

She closed the folder, rose from her desk and went into the kitchen.

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2011-02-16 02:46 am UTC (link)
They weren't exactly dating or anything, but Zatanna showed up John's place with a bottle of wine and wearing a decently low-cut blouse.

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2011-02-16 02:53 am UTC (link)
John opens the door and kisses Zatanna the moment he opens the door.

"No, that is /not/ a gun in my pocket. I'm bloody happy to see you." he grins.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 02:57 am UTC (link)
Zatanna grinned, returning the kiss in full.

"I brought wine and canceled all of my shows for the evening so we can do whatever we want," she said.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 03:09 am UTC (link)
"Well, I can think of several things. In fact, I found a few ideas online we should try." John smiles.

"Would you like to play a board game or watch TV?" he asks.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 03:20 am UTC (link)
"I am up for trying any of these ideas," Zee said with a smirk.

"Depends on the board game."

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 03:23 am UTC (link)
"I was kidding about the board game. I was just trying to make it known that I wasn't skipping straight to other fun." John grins.

"Though, now that you mention it, Twister has a certain appeal..."

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 03:46 am UTC (link)
"Hey now, I have no problem with skipping to the fun stuff." She grinned from ear to ear.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2011-02-16 04:04 am UTC (link)
"Hell, in that case, let the games begin." John grins, lifting her up and taking her to the bedroom.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2011-02-16 02:50 am UTC (link)
Lian made Valentines for her Dad, Uncle Ollie, Uncle Connor, Aunt Mia, Aunt Dinah, Uncle Garth and Aunt Dolphin, Uncle Wally, Uncle Dick, and also one for Cerdian.

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2011-02-16 02:55 am UTC (link)
Roy gets Lian some candy, and gets Dinah a "destroy any computer you want without reprisal" coupon good for the next year.

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2011-02-17 04:19 pm UTC (link)
Don was letting Hank have the apartment they had been sharing all to himself tonight. More for his own sake than for his brother's. There were some things he really did not want to hear.

He had thought about maybe looking up Lilith but she had probably moved on by now and he didn't want to complicate her life unnecessarily.

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2011-02-17 04:43 pm UTC (link)
Charlie didn't do anything particular and more or less treated it like any other day until he got home and saw a picture of him and Myra from back when they were in college. It brought up a lot of old what if questions that were just to late to get answered now.

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