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Community Information

Below is information about the "The Exiles OOC" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:exiles_ooc (29358)
Exiles OOC
(no userpics)
Name:The Exiles OOC
About:We have a strong preference for players who are 18 and over, due to the themes often addressed in this RPG.

Other game guidelines below:

1. Canon is a guide, not a straitjacket. There are big canon issues and little canon issues. The X-Men are mutants. Captain America was the beneficiary of the Super Soldier serum in WWII. Galactus is a cosmic being that eats planets to survive. Those are all good examples of big canon issues that don't change. Smaller issues that are subject to change would include things like who a character is dating or where they are living at a particular time - as long as we have internal story logic, we'll be happy.

An encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel Universe canon is not a requirement. However, you will be expected to learn or know canon (if there is canon) pertaining to your character: for example, if you are playing a member of the Avengers, you should know who the other members are, where the headquarters is, and have a general idea of who is capable of doing what. We have several useful reference sites listed on our community profile page, and chances are no matter how obscure the character, you'll find that one of our other players can help you learn more about them.

2. Play nice with others. We can't emphasize this enough. If you have a problem with another player - try to work it out with them first. Then talk to one of the mods.

3. Plots - We request that you give the mods a head's up to plots that you are running. It's not for approval, it's just to let us know what's going on. We do want players to check with other players for stuff that involves their characters. If Namor wants to visit the Scarlet Witch, go for it -- just make sure that the Scarlet Witch isn't already otherwise occupied. This goes for player-player interactions, too -- respect people's privacy, don't be schmucky, and if you have any problems with another player, please talk to a mod.

4. Game-related posts should be posted in the [info]exiles community. Out of character posts should go in [info]exiles_ooc We don't have a minimum posting requirement because some characters (Aunt May, for example) only pop up when they're needed. However, if you agree to participate in a plot, let folks know if you're going to be on vacation or whatever, and talk about what they can do if you suddenly disappear -- death in the family, computer goes boom, whatever. Generally people say, "Okay, you can NPC my character, and they're likely to do thus and such in a given situation," or they let a trusted friend play understudy. Whatever works for you.

5. We do not have a character limit, but we encourage players to know their limits and play the characters they have. This is extremely important of a game this size since we have only a few players.

Regarding trigger issues and what not....

A. Sex - Consensual - Things leading up to sex, ie kissing, groping, and removing of clothes is fine in comm. Anything else...keep it in individual journals. A reference to it is fine. Like someone waking up next to someone else and mentioning last night's activities is fine. Going into explicit detail is not.

Sex - non-consensual - Off comm. Period. No ground will be given on this one. A vague reference to something happening in comm is fine, just nothing explicit.

B. Abuse -
Mental, physical and mental - Within reason and not over the top. Please check for comfort level in the OOC comm or chat before posting and clear it with the mods before posting.
Child - Will not be tolerated in comm. Period. Mentioning it in a character's background is fine.

C. Age differences in relationships (in regards to a sexual relationship) - 1-3 years is acceptable in comm. Anything else must be kept off comm, unless both are consenting adults.

D. Other trigger issues (torture, etc) - check in OOC comm, chat and with mods before posting

E. Regarding character violence, no maiming or killing without the other player's permission. Generally when playing out a fight scene on LJ, the players involved will be consulting each other IM. This has worked out pretty well. Fight fairly, even if it's a dirty street fight. If you're not Quicksilver or a top-ranked martial artist, don't claim that the other character never hit your character.

6. Bendytime posts - Please feel free to have posts that are bendytimed to fit in.

Forward: We're not control freaks here and bendytime posts forward are ok. We understand that people cannot be kept waiting days, weeks, even months for a thread to finish, especially if it is a fight with many people involved. These usually take a long time. HOWEVER, please keep in mind any ramifications from current ongoing threads when making your post. If the ongoing post is part of someone else's plot, please check with them to see what the ramifications of the plot are going to be.

Backward: Not a problem, just please make sure that where you put it makes sense.

7. If you RP something out in a character journal and want it to be part of game canon, you must link to it in a post in game for it to be considered part of game canon.

8. Leaving the game - People leave for various reasons and since most characters in the game are OCs there are a few ways to deal with them leaving:

- Write your character out. - Wrap up any threads and plots they may be in and have them go off into the sunset.

- Let someone in the game write them out if you can't finish plots and threads for some reason.

If you can't or won't do either of the two, your character will be written out by a mod. This will be something like "They picked up and went to place X". We will not touch the OC after that or mention any other interaction with that character.

They will not be played or appear on panel without permission, but they may be mentioned in passing. For example Character Y says "I really hope Character X is doing well." "I liked hanging out with Character X and I miss them."

Referencing back to something that has happened in game and is part of game canon is fine. ("Remember the time X and I went shopping and....") It happened and it is part of the game history. If you want to reference something ongoing/current with a character that has left the game you MUST get permission from the OC player before doing it.

For instance: Player X left the game without a way for their character to be written out. A mod will make a mention in a post in game that Character X went to location X. That is it.

There will not be a mention of what Character X is doing/how they are acting or feeling in the game without permission from the OC player. That is godmodding and we won't do that here.

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