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Community Information

Below is information about the "Scribbld's all fandom fanfiction community" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:fanfiction (21154)
Name:Scribbld's all fandom fanfiction community
Location:United States
About:Welcome to [info]fanfiction, where all types of fandoms for fanfiction are openly accepted. If you like reading or writing, this is the place for you. This is a Het/Yaoi/Yuri/Gen friendly community.

Here are a few rules that will make this a friendly and organized community.

1] No plagerism. That's one way of looking for trouble.

2] No bashing. One thing is constructive critism and another is bashing and flaming an author. Please don't be rude to one another, a person usually listens and takes advice when spoken to in a polite and mature manner. Yelling and insulting a person doesn't help much. To be fair to everyone, an author has the option to accept concrit or not, just state so in A/N.

3] Please link past chapters of a story in order for new readers to be able to follow.

4] No spamming with community advertisements. This is a writing community people.

5] It's not a requirement, more like a request from fellow members. If you like what you see, post a comment, feedback is very helpful in many ways and contributing to that is very much appreciated.

6] People have their preferences and should be respected. Example: Flaming M/M pairings. Totally unacceptable. If you don't like the theme, don't read it.

7] Crossposting is allowed.

8] Please label accordingly:

Rating: G t- Nc17

We strongly encourage all who post to follow the guidelines.

9] Don't ask for payments for each written work. This is a hobby, for fun, you don't want to get sued.

10] Fanart related to the stories can be posted along with the fic or a link to it, just as long as it isn't on its own.

11] Fanfiction is only permitted here. Original writings are welcomed over at [info]original_fic.

12] Original characters are welcomed, btw.

13] Lastly, have fun.

Any more questions needing an answer, ask over here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: All aspects of all the series used belong to their rightful owners and other associated parties and were only borrowed for our own enjoyment and not for any commercial purposes. Any opinions we express do not reflect the opinions of the respected owners or associated parties.
Interests:49: anime, bones, books, buffy the vampire slayer, chronicles of narnia, dark tower, drabbles, erotica, fan fic, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fic, ficcage, fics, harry potter, hellsing, heroes, het, lolicon, lord of the rings, manga, movies, one shots, peach girl, pirates of the carribbean, poem, poems, poetry, potc, round robins, saiyuki, sci-fi, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, silence of the lambs, sitcoms, slash, star wars, stories, t.v. series, t.v. shows, trigun, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuri
Members:13: colourvegan, hippocripes, laceandcream, laci, leiko, pgmoonshine, postlapsaria, rue_crow, shiegra, soceolie, somebunni, theladyunicorn
Watched by:13: colourvegan, hippocripes, laceandcream, laci, leiko, pgmoonshine, postlapsaria, ravynstoneabbey, rue_crow, shiegra, soceolie, somebunni, theladyunicorn
Account type:Early Free User

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