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User:alterna (13049)
Strawberry delight!
Always a treat!
AOL IM:AIM status pantsuxkitsune (Add Buddy, Send Message)

About Me Things I like Misc. Internet things
About me? Um there isn't alot to know I guess. I'm an average 20 year old... or I think so anyway. XD I enjoy shopping and video games. Although I don't HATE my job, I don't enjoy getting up at 5:30 everymorning. x_x I assemble internal wiring for airplanes and help out with installs... Mostly just with screws and stuff. XD haha.
I love love love music. :D If you played my entire winamp library, according to its little info thiny, you'd have 19 straight days of music.

D: Um I'll think of something witty and flashy to put in here eventually.

Layout credit: thefulcrum
[TV] 6teen; Two and a Half Men; Heroes; Journey Man; Cold Case; Family Guy; The Simpsons; South Park; Rick & Steve; Robot Chicken; Will & Grace; Kappa Mikey; Total Drama Island; Futurama; FullHouse(Kdrama);

[Music] Feist; Shiny Toy Guns; Ayumi Hamasaki; Hyde; Kana; The Killers; Fallout Boy; My Chemical Romance; Aerosmith; Jay-Z; J-Lo; Avril; Carrie Underwood; The Eagles; The Beatles; Pink Floyd; Gackt; Beat Crusaders; Nickelback; Maki Goto; Um this is just a small list. I listen to a little bit of literally everything. :)

[Movies] Fight Club; Nightmare Before Christmas; Across the Universe; Rent; Seven; Emperor's New Groove; Atlantis; GoodFellas; The God Father; Blow; Corpse Bride; Moulin Rouge; The Incredibles; Milo and Otis; The Last Unicorn;

[Manga] Dazzle; Princess Ai; Bleach; Wallflower; Ouran Highschool Host Club; Hot Gimmick!;

[Games] Final Fantasy series; Xenosaga; Soul Caliber; Okage; Kingdom Hearts; Zelda; The Sims 2; World of Warcraft; Portal; Animal Crossing; Mario Games; Dance Dance Revolution; Guitaroo Man; Disaega;

[Anime] Ouran Highschool Host Club; Bleach; Lucky Star; Trigun; Cowboy Be-bop; Saiyuki; Kanon; Fruits Basket; Fullmetal Alchemist; Eureka Seven;

[Foods] Calamari; Pizza; Chinese food; Sushi; Most pasta;

Gaia Online: Lenorific
DeviantArt: Lenorific
Livejournal: Hybridrainbow_
Insanejournal: Lovebotlen
Vox: Lovebotlen
WoW: Tessanedia
[Mood Guard US]
My AMVS: Lenorific @ Youtube.com
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

Interests:29: adult swim, amvs, anime evolution, bleach, doll, drive, eureka seven, fairly odd parents, family guy, fashion, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, gaia, gundam wing, heroes, interior design, law & order: svu, music, my little ponies, neil gaiman, ouran, plushies, pugs, robot chicken, scrubs, seafood, world of warcraft, xmen, youtube
Schools:None listed
People16:alterna, besani, blustyle, curiousvenus, destructive, dreadable, eevee, hammerofjustice, hell_kaiser, jimmy, kuroitenshi, kururu, news, rei, sehnsucht, system
Mutual Friends:9: alterna, besani, blustyle, dreadable, eevee, hammerofjustice, hell_kaiser, kuroitenshi, sehnsucht
Member of:3: bitchbook, dear_you, dollsnmore
Account type:Early Adopter

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