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User:amythethird (21195)
Or yet again this, that, or the other ramblings
Name:It's Amy again!
Bio:My School(s) LJ doesn't list:
++ Pyrdonian Academy: County Dublin, Ireland (1986 - present)
++ Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital: Princeton, NJ (May 2008 - May 2012)
++ The Lightman Group: Washington, D.C. (August 2010 - May 2011)

You can reach me at lomeinie @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)

What I've lost:


Interests:121: 24, aaron pierce, alias, amelia pond, amy pond, annie walker, annie/auggie, aslan, auggie anderson, auggie/annie, autism, backgammon, batman begins, bertie wooster, bridge to terabithia, butterflies, c.s. lewis, catching fire, chocolate, christianity, cold chai tea, covert affairs, david morse, david tennant, dead poets society, doctor who, donna noble, dr. cal lightman, dr. cockroach, dr. gillian foster, dr. gregory house, dr. james wilson, eleventh doctor, enya, fanfic, fanfiction, fifth doctor, finding neverland, fourth doctor, freaky eaters, frodo baggins, gale hawthorne, glenn morshower, hardison/parker, house md, huddy, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, human target, hypothyroidism, israel, j.r.r. tolkien, jack bauer, jack bristow, jeeves, jeeves & wooster, jeeves and wooster, jesus, johnny depp, katniss everdeen, katniss/gale, katniss/peeta, leverage, lie to me, lightman/foster, lord of the rings, lost, man vs. wild, man woman wild, middle-earth, mockingjay, monsters vs. aliens, mystery diagnosis, narnia, nate/sophie, ninth doctor, notebooks, oregon chai, outer space, parker/hardison, peeta mellark, pens, pirates of the caribbean, planet earth, planet earth bbc, prophecy, reginald jeeves, robert sean leonard, rose tyler, samwise gamgee, sarah jane adventures, sarah jane smith, science fiction, spider-man, st. elsewhere, star trek reboot, stephen fry, steven moffat, ten/rose, tenth doctor, the hobbit, the hunger games, the locator, the tardis, the universe, third doctor, thyroid disease, time lords, tom baker, trading spouses, tron, tron legacy, twitter, victor garber, warehouse 13, weight loss, weight watchers, wife swap, wilfred mott, world's strictest parents, writing
Schools:None listed
People2:news, system
Friend of:1: admiralmemo.livejournal.com
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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