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User:big_easy_magic (40360)


there's a carnival in the graveyard tonight

Crescent City Institute

The Crescent City Institute of Magic has a long history of educating the best and brightest Witches and Wizards in the United States. Located on the grounds of an old plantation near New Orleans, CCI has a culture shaped both by its students and faculty, as well as by the close proximity of New Orleans itself.

CCI has been through changes in recent years. Hurricane Katrina hit the school hard, as it did all of the region. Many upperclassmen will remember the previous headmaster’s tragic death during the storm as he tried to help evacuate the school.

As the new school year begins, more changes are in store. Adversaries old and new are drawn to New Orleans like moths to a flame, and strange…things…abound. One thing is for certain: this year, petty high school drama will be the least of anyone’s concerns…

information rpg ooc mods fleeting

Interests:54: active, activity, advertise, advertisements, advertising, communities, community, entertainment, fantasy, friends, fun, games, gaming, halfbloods, harry potter, hogwarts, icons, ideas, interests, jk rowling, join, louisiana, magic, maintainer, members, muggles, new orleans, original characters, pb, pbs, played-bys, potter series, promote, promoting, promotion, purebloods, quidditch, quodpot, role playing, role-playing, roleplay, roleplay games, roleplaying, rp, rp ads, rpg, rpg ads, rpgs, rps, school, special interests, students, wizards, writing
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities5:advertise_rpgs, community_promo, fantasy_rpgs, hprpsearch, roleplays
Member of:5: advertise_rpgs, community_promo, fantasy_rpgs, hprpsearch, roleplays
Account type:Early Free User

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