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User:blairbear (10213)
Her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl, she's a beautiful girl
Name:a silver pool of light

she fills up every corner like she's born in black and white

Interests:124: adam monroe, adam/elle, addison montgomery, addison/mark, adrian pasdar, adrianne palicki, aimee teegarden, akito sohma, alison cameron, amber volakis, andromeda black tonks, anna friel, avatar: the last airbender, azula, azula/zuko, bellatrix lestrange, blair waldorf, blair/serena, blake lively, bryce larkin, chace crawford, charlie andrews, chocolate, chuck, chuck bartowski, chuck/blair, chuck/blair/nate, claire bennet, coach/mrs. coach, cristina yang, cutthroat bitch, dan/serena, dean winchester, death eaters, death note, eden mccain, elle bishop, eric mabius, faramir, friday night lights, fruits basket, gabriel gray, gossip girl, gregory house, grey's anatomy, harry potter, harula, hayden panettiere, heroes, house m.d., hugh laurie, jared padelecki, jason street, jason/lyla, jason/lyla/tim, jason/tim, jennifer morrison, jenny humphrey, jenny/eric, jensen ackles, jesse spencer, jetzula, julie taylor, katara/aang, kristen bell, lee pace, leighton meester, light yagami, light/l, light/misa, lily van der woodsen, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, lonely tourist charlotte charles, lord of the rings, lyla garrity, mark sloan, matt saracen, matt/julie, meredith grey, milo ventimiglia, minka kelly, misa amane, mohinder suresh, narcissa black malfoy, nate archibald, nate/blair, nathan petrelli, ned/chuck, new york city, olive snook, olive/chuck, peter petrelli, petrellicest, pushing daisies, remus lupin, remus/sirius, robert chase, rosamund pike, rufus/lily, sam winchester, scott porter, serena van der woodsen, shigure sohma, sirius black, stacy warner, supernatural, sylar, taylor kitsch, the pie hole, tim riggins, tim/lyla, ty lee, ugly betty, vampire knight, voldemort, weechesters, wincest, writing, yuuki cross, zach gilford, zero kiryuu, zucest, zuko
Schools:None listed
People5:blairbear, ludivine, news, peacocks, puffed
Communities2:hotdamn_icons, scribbld_top5
Friend of:3: ayzil, blairbear, ludivine
Member of:1: hotdamn_icons
Account type:Early Adopter

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