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User:blondedbrain (24627)
(no userpics)

the crazy bitch around here

Silvia. Teenage girl. Bulgarian. Blonde. Likes her hair straight. Caffeine addict. Likes the pizza with pineapple topping. Chocolate ice-cream ftw. The blue color is so much love. Music lover. TV show maniac. Photoshop user. Icon maker. Browses Livejournal most of the time. Friendly. Kind. Dreamer. Makes a wish at 11:11. Complains a lot. Speaks English and German. Doesn't like talking about herself. Adores her friends in real life and in livejournal. Loves tiny little fonts like this one. Abuses the ♥ and :D symbols. Doesn't know what else to tell about herself. If you have any questions - feel free to ask. *icon/banner by [info]ellecoeur*

main fandoms

Heroes: ♥ Peter, Hiro, Elle.; → Peter/Elle. | Gossip Girl: ♥ Chuck, Blair; → Chuck/Blair | Veronica Mars: ♥ Logan, Veronica, Keith, Cassidy; → Logan/Veronica. | One Tree Hill: ♥ Brooke, Rachel, Nathan; → Brooke/Lucas, Jake/Peyton | LOST: ♥ Charlie, Boone, Shannon; → Shannon/Boone | Friends: ♥ Chandler; → Chandler/Monica | Gilmore Girls ♥ Jess, Dave, Lorelai; → Rory/Jess, Lane/Dave | Supernatural: ♥ Sam, Dean, Ruby; → Dean/Ruby, Sam/Ruby | Desperate Housewives: ♥ Gabrielle; → Gabi/Carlos | How I Met Your Mother: ♥ Marshall, Barney; → Robin/Barney, Lily/Marshall | Skins: ♥ Cassie, Maxxie; → Sid/Cassie.


intro post;

Milo Ventimiglia is my husband at [info]fairytale_wed.
I am the Rachel Gattina and Veronica Mars of Livejournal.

Interests:132: a walk to remember, aaron eckhart, adam brody, adrian pasdar, alexis bledel, ali larter, barney stinson, barney/robin, batman, bethany joy lenz, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, blake lively, blake/leighton, brooke davis, brooke/haley, brooke/lucas, carrie underwood, cassie/sid, chandler bing, chandler/joey, chandler/monica, christian bale, christina aguilera, chuck bass, chuck/blair, coffee, danneel harris, daughtry, dean winchester, dean/brooke, dean/veronica, desperate housewives, ed westwick, elle bishop, eva longoria, evangeline lilly, fall out boy, forgetting sarah marshall, friends, gilmore girls, gossip girl, harry potter, hayden panettiere, heath ledger, heroes, hilarie burton, himym, hiro nakamura, house m.d., house/cuddy, how i met your mother, ice age, icons, jake/peyton, james lafferty, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jensen ackles, jess mariano, jess/rory, josh holloway, just my luck, katie cassidy, kelly clarkson, kristen bell, kristen/sophia, leighton meester, lindsay lohan, literati, livejournal, logan echolls, logan/veronica, lorelai gilmore, lost, lucas/lindsey, luke/lorelai, maroon 5, masi oka, mean girls, milo ventimiglia, music, my chemical romance, nathan petrelli, nathan scott, niki/jessica, olivia wilde, one tree hill, onerepublic, panic! at the disco, peter petrelli, peter/elle, peyton sawyer, photoshop, picspams, prison break, queen b, rachel bilson, rachel gattina, robert chase, robin sparkles, ron/hermione, rory gilmore, rory/jess, rupert grint, sam winchester, seth cohen, seth/summer, shannon/boone, sims, skins, sophia bush, south of nowhere, spencer/ashley, step up, summer roberts, supernatural, sylar, sylar/elle, t-bag, the 4400, the dark knight, the notebook, the o.c., the oc, tv shows, veronica mars, veronica/logan, wentworth miller, winchester brothers, yellowcard, zachary quinto
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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