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User:coldwrapped (19300)
Painted in Silver; Wrapped in Cold
Words of the Almighty SarcastiBitch
Location:Van, Texas, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Nebulous Venom (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status Cherrii951 (Add User, Send Message)
Google Talk:
Bio:I'm 28. I'm something-sexual, leaning to straightish. I'm Pagan. Don't friend me if you're closed-minded at all, because I won't add you back. This journal is and will always be friends only, but keeping in mind the afore-mentioned rule, if you want to friend me, ask and I'll probably friend you back. I'm nice that way.

Oh, and Alan Rickman is GOD. :) That is all.

*edit* WoW (World of Warcraft) pwns my soul. Almost completely. grep sailormoon * pwns most of the rest, and a small remaining portion belongs to my best friend who I could never live without ever, Rainey_Summer.

Friends Only

This journal is Friends Only. Comment on the first public entry if you want to be added to my list and I'll think about it. :) Banner made by me, so please credit me and comment if you take it for your use. Thanks!

Marriage is love.

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Interests:128: 143, a perfect circle, adobe photoshop, afi, alan rickman, alexz johnson, allison cameron, amy lee, angel, anime, ansel adams, art, asatru, b&w photography, bisexuality, body modification, book stores, books, boys, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, charmed, chobits, computers, cristina scabbia, david bowie, disturbed, dreams, dvds, escaflowne, evanescence, fanfiction, fushigi yuugi, gay marriage, geena davis, girls, gone with the wind, graphics, green day, greg house, grep sailormoon *, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hbo's rome, hercules: the legendary journeys, hermione granger, heterosexuality, holly marie combs, homosexuality, house md, house/cameron, icons, instant star, internet, janeane garofalo, jason isaacs, kingdom hearts, labyrinth, lacuna coil, lesbianism, lindsay duncan, linkin park, lj-addiction, lord of the rings, lorraine bracco, love, love actually, loveless, lucius malfoy, magic, magick, mahjongg, manga, meditation, melissa etheridge, men, metal, metallica, mononoke hime, movies, music, mythology, nature, occult, omnitheism, paganism, phase 10, philosophy, photography, piercings, pocky, prison break, ray stevenson, religion, rollercoasters, sailor moon, sailormoon.org, sarcasm, servilia of the junii, severus snape, sexuality, shoujo kakumei utena, sims, spirituality, sugar free snow cones, tarot cards, tattoos, the hobbit, the l word, the murmurs, the simpsons, theme parks, titus pullo, torrents, tv, utada hikaru, utena, vampire hunter d, vampires, wallpapers, water, willow/tara, witch hunter robin, women, world of warcraft, wow, x-files, xena: warrior princess
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, laughing_stars, news, system
Mutual Friends:1: laughing_stars
Account type:Early Free User

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