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User:fairwells (45510)
Name:Emma Mcentyre Merrick Susanno &Michael Jon Susanno
Website:Emma Mcentyre Merrick & Michael Jon Susanno: TwinFlames traveling the Universe
Location:Sleepy Hollow, New York, United States
Bio:Emma Mcentyre Merrick and Michael Jon Susanno have been married for nearly a decade They have five children under the age of four, Emma is a kindergarten teacher and Medical Doctor specializing in Psychiatry and Psychology. Michael is an architect, mechanical engineer, and businessman who also works for the U.S. military in the Special Operations unit. They own a huge farmstead in Upstate, New York, which consists of many acres, Susanno and Fairwells Acres. Their home was designed by Emma and Michael and is an English Manor with 150 rooms. The farmstead is located next to the Hudson River and they have their own pier and boathouse that houses their luxury yacht and number of different boats. They also are located next to the woods where they raise wolves.

Interests:52: acting, art, art history, attorney, ballerina, ballet, beaches, beauty school, biochemistry, blogging, books, building construction, civil engineering, computer engineering, conservatives, cosmos, culinary institutes, dance, doctorate, economics, fashion design, haute couture, instagram, ivy league universities, journaling, kindergarten teacher, languages, learning, linguistics, marriage, mathematics, mechanical engineering, michael jon susanno, mit, modeling, movies, music, my five children, pinterest, political science, president trump, psychiatrist, psychologist, real estate, relatonships, sculpting, singing, social media, the universe, travel, twitter, wedding anniversaries
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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