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User:flametwister (13017)
Paint it Black and Take it Back
The ramblings of an introverted show-off


My name is


I am:

activist, almost-sister, animal lover, artsy, aquatic, blessed, caring, cisgender girl, complex, creative, curious, deist, different, dog lover, dreamer, eclectic, fangirl, female, feminine, feminist, femmy, free, friend, full of love, geek, gender liberationist, happy, hippie, intelligent, interested, introvert, leftist, liberal, loving, Ms., multifaceted, myself, obsessed, odd, open, outspoken, passing girl, passionate, platonic, queer, quiet, quirky, romantic, SOFFA, she-geek, singer, spiritual, steadfast, strange, sweet, teenage, trustworthy, understanding, weird, writer, XX

Who are you?

Geek, writer, big ol' fangirl. Teenager, student, musician. Also, gay. If that is a problem, please take it upon yourself to GTFO. Mostly I talk about real life. Also, I squee a lot.

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g i r l y m a n is love
Interests:92: achtung baby, alison bechdel, alternate history, androgyny, apollo's democracy speeches, battlestar galactica, bbc, bbordertown, caffeine, cain/shaw, celtic music, coffee, comics, constitution, cultural criticism, dar williams, discworld, doctor who, dominionism, fangirling unknown characters, fangirling-people-i-do-not-crush-on, fantasy, feminism, filk, firefly, flash fiction, folk music, girls with swords, girlslash, girlyman, glam rock, goth rock, graphic novels, great big sea, h.p. lovecraft, history, india, industrial music, japanese, jefferson airplane, kara thrace, karolina/xavin, knitting, liberty/justice, libraries, london, my televised girlfriend, nausicaƤ, nine inch nails, notebooks, ovarian fortitude, peace of god manly, queer rights, rainy days, reading, reg shoe, robert a. heinlein, rumpole of the bailey, runaways, russia, science fiction, scotland, seals, second shift, sexuality, shoujo-ai, singing, star wars, starbuck, steampunk, t. e. lawrence, tanstaafl, thai food, the bbc, the beatles, the second shift, the smell of books, the who, tintin, torchwood, u2, urban fantasy, women's rights, world history, writing, writing fantasy, xavilina, xavin, y: the last man, yarn, yes minister, yuri
Schools:None listed
People7:babydont_think, eevee, flametwister, leluka, news, shattering, system
Communities2:iam, savinme
Friend of:4: babydont_think, eevee, flametwister, leluka
Member of:2: iam, savinme
Account type:Early Adopter

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