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And you're such a classy little slut ([info]ginabites) wrote,
@ 2020-06-06 23:23:00

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Current mood:busy
Current music:Family Guy

Access Denied, Journal Locked

Sorry, guys, my journal is friends only. I'm easy, though, when it comes to making new friends, so don't be afraid to try =].
You may fill out the form, but it's not required.
Please do include something about you, though. Like your name :]

New Friends

or Changed Usernames

I look forward to meeting you all.


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2008-06-11 09:18 am UTC (link)

{Name:} Alexi.
{Age:} Eighteen.
{Gender:} Female.
{AIM:} I tend to not give it out where most people can see it, sorry. ^^;
{Myspace:} I have one of those, but I use facebook more.
{Pictures:} I don't want to post my pictures where everyone can see them, but I'll TRY to make a picture post in my journal soon? :3

I don't think that does me any justice. I'm an anime geek, mostly. I like to draw and write. ...oh man, that doesn't do me any justice either. D:

You said you were open minded, which drew me to you. I hope you'll add me! ^^

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2008-06-11 09:19 am UTC (link)
Oh! And I saw you like Rocky Horror. THAT IS AWESOME.

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2008-06-11 09:25 am UTC (link)
Lol, of course I'll add you! I love you already :]


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Re: +;
2008-06-11 09:26 am UTC (link)
Thank you, and yay for love! :3

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2008-06-11 11:10 am UTC (link)

{Name:} Sarah. I often go by Sar, or my Gaelic name, which is Sorcha. Sar is good, though.
{Age:} Twenty-two.
{Gender:} cooch Female.
{AIM:} the music in her
{Myspace:} kaimine. I barely EVER use it, though. It scares me.

I found you on [info]addme and decided you were pretty much one of the awesomest people ever in existence. Because I don't know enough people who like Rocky Horror. Which is a shame. Also, I lust over your hair color.

Add back?

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2008-06-11 07:30 pm UTC (link)
Hooray, fellow hair-dyer! =]
Adding you right now, nice to meet you.
& I kind of wish sometimes that I didn't know so many people who like Rocky Horror. It's ridiculous how much of a fad it's become around here, it's like everyone likes it just because everyone else likes it. I was in second grade when I first saw it, and I fell in love, lol =D


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2008-06-17 05:52 pm UTC (link)
Hey I saw your post in [info]addme. You must be the first person I've seen in years who also likes King of the Hill.

{Name:} Katt
{Age:} 22
{Gender:} Female
{AIM:} MuchOfMeIsWrong/Genius Prosecutor
{Myspace:} http://www.myspace.com/kattsunade (I don't use it very often though).

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2008-06-21 08:42 am UTC (link)
Adding you now, sorry it took so long!


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2008-10-14 02:28 am UTC (link)
A place to share and request music, videos, programs, etc.

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