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User:invidia1988 (20796)
Death Angel's Realm
Invidia's Sanctuary
Location:Spanaway, Washington, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Invidia1988 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status Kiyachan1988 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:
Bio:I am the one and only Kiya, and I love to write, role play, and draw more like scribble. well anyway I have alot I can pour in here but it's better to talk over a messenger to get to know me.

If you do add me to a messenger at least make sure to talk to me often sometimes I don't talk to people due to I'm either busy with some writer projects or am shy. I love to talk when I get going. I can be depressing at times but I am more relaxed and don't open up till I can trust you.

Currently taking new people to talk to on my messengers so please add me.

This journal is my own sanctuary away from a sanctuary where I can literally be myself and complain, write, and submit things to people or friends. I do accept requests on fanfics but only when I'm not already buried under requests. If you make a good first impression on me I'll share some things with you, if not then I don't know what to make of you.

I'm pretty much harmless I don't make alot of waves. I try to be friendly to everyone so I expect some kindness in return. and do comment if you like my work, and don't steal my fiction works or art works. I will be very upset if you ever did that to me.

Most important are a few ground rules. I love Envy to death he is my OTC you insult him.. you're pretty much not on good terms with me if you flame my pairings or work.
I do except you to use ToS or internet ettiquete. My grammar sucks I know so don't point it out to me on where I need work. I already have 7 highly trained grammar nazi's for that.

Some editing here: I have a few new OTC's them being Link, and Dark Link from Legend of Zelda. I am a top gamer and I love mostly adventure games the most in the world. My otp's are dark x light pairings. For some reason I just love the contrast in pairings that are light and dark.

a bit like on the last sentence above.. I don't like pity.. nor do I ever like people to tell me they feel sorry for me.. reason behind this is I was looked down alot in my life and don't find it nice to see pity.. I treat everyone equal and so should you.

if you have the brains to pick a fight with me and you claim to have a mental disorder I will not let you use that as an excuse (unless you are legally classified MPD or so) but for the most part treat me with respect and I'll return the favor.

On a side note, I don't let anyone make an excuse to be an ass to anyone. If you are going to troll me, or a friend I will probably step in to defend the innocent. I hate trolls in general and don't let up on my feelings around them. They sort of have to prove to me they can set aside that feeling to not do that around me or my friends.

I have my alter ego Kiya sometimes I'll post her in comments or other rp's once in a while. well with all this done I must post, write, and rp more.

My own alter ego appears on occasion in two major warning forms.. Demon and devil this is to categorize my mood. devil means what it means I am extremely pissed off if you see Devil in any of my posts.. Demon is more aggravated.. I rarely get angry so don't provoke me.

I'm an anime seller.. in the works I will have a website up soon to where people can buy things from, and such. and if you want a sponsorship to your work or so I'll be glad to provide for you. all I'd need is a button or banner to post on my blurb.

The above is kind of out of work for now.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket MoodthemeEnvy by [info]thievingxbird

Click to visit the official Fullmetal Alchemist Site!

My current wallpaper is Dark Knight Link, and Days and Knights. The artwork of these gorgeous pieces belong to animetayl of deviant art. http://www.animetayl.deviantart.com/ do visit her site, and see what else she has done. She is by far one of the most talented artists I have seen. Her work is breath taking, and she is very nice to let me use her work for backgrounds and save what I like.

I support funimation products/projects and suppose to soon become a seller for their stuff ^^ this little journal of mine will be a big thing for me to work with so my journal from here on out is under construction.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

With all that said go ahead and add me as a friend and what not see into my world, and don't mind the mess. I don't bite.. often. unless I find you chewable... *insert grin here.*

and if you want to link back to me or link to my journal here is a banner you can use.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This was made by a friend for me, and she doesn't use a live journal but credit Kiya's friend Kagome who resides in my chatroom.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I love this pairing beyond belief, and support it till I die! ^^ colorbar made by [info]garneticons

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Adding onto the banners I got this one from supercat001 on deviant she let me use this and I feel honored to be allowed to. If I could buy I would buy this as a print from her.

The picture is linked to her gallery pay her a visit and compliment her work.

Always ask permission to use something before taking it. I did get permission and I can show you the logs if you want.

I am currently looking for communities of my current interest the Legend of Zelda series. If you have a community I might be interested in leave a link to me in my email, or a comment. I do write back to all my comments.

By the way - I'm seriously nuts. so if you like a good insane person add me.
Interests:60: adult contemp, amazonian, angels, anime, archer, bbi, chinese, chocolate, classic rock, coheed and cambria, cosplaying, dance, dark link, death, drawing, edvy, edward, envy, envy x ???, envy x edward, envy x greed, envy x wrath, envyedo, envywrath, envyxwrath, fate / stay night, fma, fullmetal alchemist, greed, greek mythology, japanese, kimblee, legend of zelda, link, lum, music, nagas, naruto, orochimaru, porn, pride, ranma1/2, reapers, rider, rock, roleplay, rumiko takahashi, ryoga hibiki, saber, sakura, scythes, shampoo, sins, techno, urusei yatsura, wrath, wrenvy, writing, x envy, yaoi
Schools:None listed
People12:alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, edwardelric, gluttonish, hawkeye, maeshughes, roy_mustang, sinnergreed, surosu, wrathness
Communities6:envy_lovers, fullmetallyrics, fullmetalooc, fullmetalrandom, fullmetalrpg, fullmetalthread
Friend of:11: alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, gluttonish, hawkeye, maeshughes, roy_mustang, sinnergreed, surosu, wrathness
Member of:6: envy_lovers, fullmetallyrics, fullmetalooc, fullmetalrandom, fullmetalrpg, fullmetalthread
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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