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User:hawkeye (21207)
Riza Hawkeye
Don't Call Me Blondie
Name:First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye
Website:fullmetal rpg

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is the most trusted in Mustang's circle of friends and his right-hand woman and bodyguard. In her own words, Hawkeye has joined the military because "there is someone I need to protect," that is, Roy Mustang (Episode 36). Hawkeye serves as Mustang's voice of reason, remaining cool and collected in sticky situations, constantly looking out for Mustang's well being, but also occasionally scolding him for his good-natured posturing and arrogance. She is a crack shot with a sniper's aim (Havoc referred to it as 'the eyes of a hawk' in Chapter 37: The Criminal's Body of the manga), and usually carries two pistols with her at all times. Although her dog training method is still an example of her no-nonsense ways, Riza's softer and compassionate side is shown through her care for her dog, Black Hayate, as well as through her devotion to Roy Mustang. She also appears to have a soft spot for the Elric Brothers. Also it is revaled that Riza has the secrect to Roy's flame alchemy tatooed on her back thanks to her father.

At the time of her introduction in the anime, Hawkeye held the rank of Second Lieutenant and was stationed at Central, but like Mustang was promoted one rank and reassigned to the Eastern Territories early in the series. There she mainly played a role in solving Scar's case. Later in the series, she was reassigned back to Central with Mustang and was involved in Mustang's scheme after their discovery of King Bradley's true identity. She was last seen in Episode 51 tending to Mustang's injuries after his fight with Pride. She blamed herself for not getting to Mustang before Frank Archer, but was reassured by Roy that there was no such thing as a perfect world.
Schools:None listed
People13:alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, gluttonish, hawkeye, invidia1988, izumisama, maeshughes, roy_mustang, sinnergreed, surosu, wrathness
Communities3:fullmetalooc, fullmetalrpg, fullmetalthread
Friend of:9: alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, hawkeye, invidia1988, roy_mustang, sinnergreed, surosu
Member of:3: fullmetalooc, fullmetalrpg, fullmetalthread
Account type:Early Free User

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