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Community Information

Below is information about the "A FullMetal Alchemist RPG" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:fullmetalrpg (19871)
FullMetal RPG Main Comm
Name:A FullMetal Alchemist RPG
Website:mod journal (apply here!)
So you like FullMetal Alchemist? You're a big fan of it but you can't seem to find anyplace that's active where you can rp as one of the characters, right? Well, don't worry because you don't need to look any further. Welcome to [info]fullmetalrpg! An rpg based on the anime series FullMetal Alchemist with a type of TWIST added on! The TWIST is that, thanks to the higher powers of rpg, we decided to step back in time and rewind things back to win all of the important characters were alive. Yes this means that you can rp as Scar, Greed, Lust, or whomever else you choose. Now onto the even better part, since we like to change things up a bit, plot of the community will change every THREE months (we don't want our players to get bored with the same old thing all the time!) Plus, since this is a type of AU community and we encourage interaction as much as possible, We have a threading comm for those of you who like to thread too! So what are you waiting for? Lets get this thing started! Just read the rules below then go apply and join the fun! As soon as there are enough main characters, we will start accepting original and crossover characters!

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#1. You do NOT need an aim screenname in order to join this community! Sure you can rp via aim, but if you would rather thread out rpg sessions by making posts in the threading community, we give players that option as well!

#2. Please remember to STAY active. If you do not update your journal once every three weeks and show no activity in the threading comm or you are not seen on aim, we will take it as a notion that you have decided to give up your role. Therefor, we will give the role to someone else! Activity is what makes a community thrive, so please keep that in mind. Please help advertise for the community too and tell your friends about us!

#3. Absolutely no killing off characters. Yes you can get into battles, fights, and so on, but no killing each other off unless the said mun wants their character killed (which probably will not happen.)

#4. Please note that this community has strong language. Meaning that if you are offended by swearing and so on, you might not want to join this community!

#5. We will only be accepting original characters and characters from other anime's when we have most of the main cast members of the series!

#6. NO OOC DRAMA! Just because you might dislike someone OOC does not give you the right to dislike them IC. No carrying OOC drama into IC territory!

#7. Remember to promote the comm and tell your friends so it can grow!

#8. Character limit? For now, there is a two character limit per mun. We do not like role hogs! If you are not active with your roles, please give them to someone who WILL be active.

#9. Please have a journal specifically for this comm. It's easy to create one. It can be anything for example Edward Elric may have [info]edwardelric or [info]notahobbit as his journal.

#10. Have fun! And remember, this is JUST a game!..well unless someone finds a portal leading to some sorta mystical anime world where anime characters exist lol. XD
Members:15: alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, gluttonish, hawkeye, hohenheim, invidia1988, izumisama, maeshughes, roy_mustang, sinnergreed, surosu, wrathness
Watched by:15: alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, gluttonish, hawkeye, hohenheim, invidia1988, izumisama, maeshughes, roy_mustang, sapphyre_kikyo, sinnergreed, surosu, wrathness
Account type:Early Free User

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