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User:maeshughes (20001)
Name:Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes
Bio:Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes (sometimes spelled as Mäes) is a member of the Investigations Division and was good friends with Colonel Mustang. At the time of his introduction in the anime, Hughes held the rank of Major, and first met the Elrics while serving as a communications officer for General Hakuro. Hughes is very devoted to his wife, Gracia, and absolutely besotted with his little daughter Elysia. He comically shoves pictures of Elysia into other people's faces to their annoyance - but it is clear that his goofy behavior is usually a cover for the serious and depressing nature of his work. Another common gag involves Hughes calling Mustang to either gloat about his daughter or advise Roy to get a wife, promptly causing Roy to slam the phone down in anger. Maes is also very supportive of Mustang's plan to become Führer, doing whatever he can to, as he put it, "work below him and help push him to the top."

Hughes is especially kind to the Elric Brothers. In the anime, he invites them to his home to celebrate Edward's birthday, one of the few moments of domestic bliss enjoyed by the Elric Brothers outside of their earlier lives with their mother (and where they unwillingly help deliver Elysia). Both he and his wife Gracia continue to be kind towards the brothers, as well as to their friend Winry.

Because Hughes is assigned to the Investigations Division in Central, he is more involved with police work than he is in actual battles. Whenever he was however, he showed his skill with his push knives, with very precise throwing aim and good reflexes. After receiving his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, Hughes is placed in charge of the Investigations Division.
Interests:4: bragging about elysia, elysia!, my family, taking pictures of elysia
Schools:None listed
People6:edwardelric, gluttonish, hohenheim, invidia1988, izumisama, wrathness
Communities3:fullmetalooc, fullmetalrpg, fullmetalthread
Friend of:12: alphonseelric, automailobsessd, dantelyra, edokun989, gluttonish, hawkeye, invidia1988, izumisama, roy_mustang, sinnergreed, surosu, wrathness
Member of:3: fullmetalooc, fullmetalrpg, fullmetalthread
Account type:Early Free User

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