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User:kira_chan (33224)
Just what am I doing here?
I'm not really sure...
(no userpics)
Name:Kira O'Hara
Website:My devArt Account
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
AOL IM:AIM status SuzukKira (or) KiraRP (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status kira_chan18 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:
Google Talk:
Bio:Hiya there!

I've been going by the name Kira in online circles for over a decade now(silly me thought I'd made the name up...but I was 11), so that's pretty much your safest bet. I also answer to Katt, Hinata, Sarianna, and various forms and synonyms of the word "cat." If I know you, it's likely I'll respond to various pet names as well since I tend to use them so much in return ♥. :P

I write and draw, but very slowly for both. I've got about a zillion plotbunnies staring at me intently whilst threatening bodily harm if I don't take them from the 'planning stage' to the 'writing stage' soon. I do plan on starting my own online comic at some point(there are three ideas in the works, actually...), but it all depends on when I have the time/motivation/attention of my muse to get off my butt and down to business. ...So...it'll likely be awhile. 8|

I like RP and I've played Hinata in a few over on LJ, and will hopefully be joining one here on Scribbld soon. If you ever wanna talk RP stuffs with me, message away! Though if you use a medium other than Scribbled then please let me know where you got my screenname from! XD

Um...yeah, so, linkage below to various other places to find me:

(Coming soon...'cause I'm lazy like that.)
Interests:35: anime, art, books, celt, celtic, comic books, comics, cosplay, crafts, dancing, draco malfoy, drawing, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, harry potter, hinata hyuuga, language, manga, martial arts, math, mythology, naruto, nordic, norse, pagan, paganism, psychology, reading, roleplay, roleplaying, rp, sci-fi, sleep, sparkly things
Schools:None listed
People4:hinatalogbot, kiraohara, speedy_recovery, tosharesunshine
Mutual Friends:2: hinatalogbot, kiraohara
Also Friend of:1: goosie
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2009-12-02 08:11:29
Date updated:2010-03-10 11:50:10, 588 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:7
Comments:Posted: 0 - Received: 0

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