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User:kirito (14215)
See You in Hell my lovely

If you must know, Then here are the basics.

Real Name: Murata Shinya (But I advise you don't call me this for your own safety)
Birthday: February 24th, 1972
Horoscope: PISCES
Bloodtype: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Favourite colours: aoi[楳]
Favorite Season: winter (Nikki likes this too, so she can use her anemia as an excuse to cuddle)
Fav. animals: Dogs and Mercedes Benz
Likes: ShabuShabu, aquariums, turtles, LIVE
Dislikes: onions, dairy products, sea urchin, dentists, rules/restrictions, math.
Hobbies: reading, snowboarding, boxing, road construction/repairs

± For other information you must know, I am Nikki's husband. I would appreciate it if people would stop hitting on her, it makes my head vein buldge with anger, particularly from this girl I hear so much about by the name of AVIVA.

If I am correct, it is the same Aviva Klaha married. Klaha please keep your..."Princess" on a tighter leash.

Aviva if you read this, please stop this nonsence, it would be greatly appreciated.

± Oh and before I forget, I don't like playing games. Games are for children and if I wanted to play with children I would have blessed Nikki by hooking her up with some preganancy long ago, and I didn't if you haven't noticed, and that is for a reason.

± Also I am an adult, a MAN if you will, I don't like playing games in general that involve other people's drama and things of the sort. Had I wanted to be involved in little Sammy's Highschool crush who happens to be a street whore involved with the entire football team, I would have built a time machine and went back in time to when I was 14 myself....but I haven't and it is all for a reason, a GOOD one I might add.

± I am a nice guy in general, just don't do anything that might upset me or my wife and you will live to see another day. OH and don't bring Gackt around me, we will be ok.

Interests:15: billiards, food, gameshows, guns, jrock, makeup, malice mizer, movies, nikki, pierrot, sex, singing, smoking, tea, weaponry
Schools:None listed
People11:klaha_sama, kuroitenshi, mandywheeler, mistressc, mr_gackt, paradisiac, pinklipstain10, rujiko, watashiwaklaha, zelly365, zellywellywoowo
Mutual Friends:8: klaha_sama, mandywheeler, mistressc, paradisiac, pinklipstain10, rujiko, watashiwaklaha, zellywellywoowo
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2008-01-15 16:45:10
Date updated:2008-04-25 01:35:06, 710 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:8
Comments:Posted: 21 - Received: 14

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