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User:lois_lane (30591)
Name:Lois Lane
Location:Metropolis, Kansas, United States
Lois Lane

The name is Lois Lane.
Trust me, you'll remember it.

Disclaimer: Lois Lane, Smallville and the Superman lore all belong to DC Comics, WB, the CW, and anyone who legally owns them. That would not be me. This is all in fun and no profit is being made. No harm is meant.
Interests:22: army brats, butting in, chloe sullivan, clark kent, ella lane, general sam lane, investigating, jonathan kent, journalism, kansas, lana lang, lex luthor, lionel luthor, lucy lane, martha kent, metropolis, mysteries, smallville, the daily planet, the torch, whitesnake, writing
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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