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User:niebuck (27160)
Website:My Youtube Account
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
Bio:This is the journal of an adult, which means it contains adult images or discussions of a frank (adult) nature. Persons under the legal adult age should not read my journal. Opinions expressed here are my own and may or may not be factual depending on the nature of my post.

A San Francisco Transplant who now lives in Dallas, TX.

Interests:29: acting, adult swim, alice in wonderland, american dad, cinematic titanic, disney, disneyland, family guy, films, freakazoid, gum, harry potter, lush, mst3k, muppets, mystery science theater 3000, pixar, pushing daisies, reality television, rifftrax, roller coaster tycoon, simpsons, south park, the aquabats, the sims, the soup, theater, yo gabba gabba, young and the restless
Schools:None listed
People5:jimmy, morgan, news, stuckinthe80s, system
Mutual Friends:1: stuckinthe80s
Also Friend of:1: dfwteddybear
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2009-01-06 15:40:03
Date updated:2009-01-06 15:52:24, 717 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:1
Comments:Posted: 2 - Received: 1

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