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User:tachi_aya (38726)
OOH, Shiny.
My mind is filled with rainbows and sparkles.
Website:My deviantART
Bio:Hi, I'm Kyra, it's pronounced with an "eye-rah."
I'm also known as Tachi, Aya, Ayachi, Tachi-aya, Bubbles and "hey you, girl who draws Chinese stuff."
I'm often distracted by shiny things, hot guys and Power Rangers.
I'm bisexual.
I'm very tolerant and accepting of others and I enjoy drawing. I'm a band geek and love playing my flute and piccolo.
If you don't like me then.... OOOH, SHINY.

Where I got my AA mood themes: here.
Interests:29: ace attorney, anime, axis powers hetalia, band, being a dork, bleach, cowboy bebop, daft punk, devil may cry, drawing, eyeshine, fangirling, gentleman's alliance cross, gir, haunting ground, howl's moving castle, ice cream, invader zim, kiki's deivery service, lolita, mighty morphin power rangers, miles edgeworth, my flute, my piccolo, nana, paradise kiss, spirtied away, yaoi, yuri
Schools:None listed
People10:bar_ohki, hammerofjustice, jimmy, kiokushitaka, magickcauldron, morgan, news, shinimegami, system, urgent
Friend of:7: bar_ohki, hammerofjustice, kiba_chi, kiokushitaka, magickcauldron, shinimegami, urgent
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2010-08-18 20:32:44
Date updated:2011-08-07 21:46:08, 675 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:12
Comments:Posted: 37 - Received: 76

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