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User:tangy (23083)
Name:Scarlett Dresden
Website:My LJ
Location:Louisville, Kentucky, United States
AOL IM:AIM status h3ll0iluvyou (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm a poor college student.
Interests:134: 28:06:42:12, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, airedales, alice in wonderland, anachronisms, androgyny, animal rights, appreciating the old, art, autumn, bardstown roading, betsey johnson, bjd, blue eyes, blueberries, bohememian, brown eyes, cats, celebrity gossip, cheese, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, computers, cool breeze, cotton candy, cross dressing, cupcakes, dancing, decorating, delicious food, dinosaurs, disco, dog tags, drapes, drawing, duct tape, earrings, eddie izzard, faith, fashion, fashion design, feather pillows, ff8, filling bottles, film, four-panel picture booths, fruit, gold eyes, gothic, graphic design, guitars, h2o, hair, hand-me-downs, hippo, icons, ignoring allergies, indie, italian, japanese street fashion, jewelry, journaling, keeping my composure, laughter, laying in the grass, libraries, life!, lolita, long conversations, long nails, losing control, lost, love, mail, make-up, matt, michael jackson, models, movies, mushrooms, music, music videos, musicals, mythology, nature, nostalgia, old louisville, open windows, owls, pale skin, penpals, perfume, philosophy, photoshop, piano, pretty dresses, pretty lips, psychology, rain, rasputin, ray bradbury, reading, red hair, retro-chiche, rings, robots, rock music, selflessness, sewing, sharpies, simple laughs, singing, skepticism, spinning, sprinkles, starfruit, stripes, stuffed animals, the oblongs, the office, the way things smell, theater, theme music, tim burton, vanilla-fudge, vintage shops, violin, wearing black, wikipedia, world of warcraft, writing letters
Schools:None listed
People4:dandi, jimmy, news, system
Mutual Friends:1: dandi
Account type:Early Free User

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