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User:treehillover23 (25425)
(no userpics)
Location:Florida, United States
You Won't Go To The Doctor Cause They're Calling You Insane....
Something about me: My name is Alexandrea, but please call me Alex. I am bubby, funny, crazy, weird, and bitchy at times. I'm pretty normal. I'm just your average girl going through everyday life. There isn't really anything special about me except for the fact that I'm going to be taking Spanish in the 11th grade this year. Then, I'll be able to speak another language. That's pretty cool. I'm pretty open to new things. I'm a very open-minded person. Except when It come to my Naley, Troyella, Brucas and Zanessa. Then, I'm not so open-minded about them being with another person..lol..Told you I was crazy.
Fandoms: One Tree Hill. The OC. High School Musical,. Friday Night Lights. Supernatural. Ugly Betty. Monday Night Raw. Friday Night Smackdown. Wizards of Waverly Place. Life with Derk. Gossip Girls. The Hills. South of Nowhere. Summerland. Kyle XY. ECW. Private Practice. The Little Mermaid. Mean Girls. The Notebook. 90210.

Fandom Ships

"TV Couples"
Nathan/Haley. Lucas/Lindsay. Ryan/Taylor. Josh/Andy. Connie/Gabe. Matt/Julie. Tim/Lyla. Troy/Gabriella. Nate/Jenny. Trevor/Tabbi. Chuck.Blair

"Celebrity Couples"
Zac/Vaness. Ashley/Jared. Demi/Joe. Selena/Nick. Tony/Jessica. Ryan/Rachel. Taylor/Chace. Leighton/Ed. Penn/Blake

Music: Vanessa Hudgens. Ashley Tisdale. Aly and Aj. Jonas Brothers. Pink. Omarion. Jessica Simpson. Beyonce'. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. Corbin Bleu. The Cheetah Girls. Christina Aguleira. Ashlee Simpson. JoJo. Cheyanne Kimball. Kelly Clarkson. Tyler Hilton. Fall Out Boy. Plain White T's. Taylor Swift. Carrie Underwood. Kelly Pickler. Brad Paisely. Kate Vogeole. Jordan Pruitt.

♥~My Loves~♥
Vanessa Hudgens = Amayzing singer,actress, and dancer! Her boyfriend is hot and they make an even hotter couple!

Emma Roberts = Amayzing and unique actress and singer! Her aunt is Julia so you know she's destined for greatness!

Ashley Tisdale = Her last name alone makes her sound cool and because no one can play Sharpay better than she can!

Demi Lavato = Yes, her make-up is too dark, but I love it! She brought soul to the cabins at Camp Rock!

Selena Gomez = She's a true Wizard, and she has an amyzing singing voice. Now, tell her something she don't know! Nelena fan #1 fan!

Sophia Bush = She's a great actress and she's hot as hell! Chad did a bad thing when he cheated on this lovely lady!

Bethany Joy = The best actress on One Tree Hill hands down! Home-girl can play Haley James-Scott so well!

Lindsay Lohan = I have been a fan of her since she slipt the screen in The Parent Trap! Amazing and talented actress. Haters, piss off!

Interests:94: ali lohan, aly & aj, america's next top model, ashlee simpson, ashley tisdale, ashley/spencer, ashnessa, beyonce', beyond the break, blair/chuck, books, brooke and lucas, brucas, camp rock, carrie underwood, celebrity gossip, chad/taylor, cheyanne kimball, christina aguleira, chuck and blair, connie and gabe, cooper/violet, corbin bleu, dan and serena, dancing with the stars, demi lavato, demi lavoto, disney channel, drake and josh, emma roberts, falcon beach, fall out boy, family, friday night light, friday night lights, friday night smackdown, friends, gossip girl, hannah montana, high school musical, jashley, jenny/nate, jessi/kyle, jessica simpson, joe jonas, jojo, jonas brothers, josh/andy, just jordan, kate vogele, kelly clarkson, kelly pickler, kyle xy, kyle/amanda, life, lindsay lohan, lucas/brooke, madison/glen, meg cabot, miley cyrus, monday night raw, movies, music, naley, nathan/haley, one tree hill, peyton/jake, pink, plain white t's, private practice, randy orton, ryan/taylor, selena gomez, seth/summer, sophia bush, south of nowhere, supernatural, taylor momsen, taylor swift, the cheetah girls, the jonas brothers, the oc, tim/lyla, troy/gabriella, tyler hilton, ugly betty, unfabulous, vanessa hudgens, wrestling, writting, zac and vanessa, zac efron, zanessa, zeke/sharpay
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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