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User:wenelda (32013)
The crazy world would never understand.
Please would you find me, I've lost my way.

All icons made by me unless otherwise noted in comments.

Hi. I like to roleplay.
About me.
About my roleplaying.
Memories9 entries
Interests:92: a perfect circle, anime, arcade fire, archery, arthurian legends, astrology, astronomy, bass guitar, batman, bisexuality, british humour, british literature, british poetry, bruce wayne, cate blanchett, celtic mythology, classical music, dick grayson, dogs, dragonheart, dragons, egyptian mythology, england, family guy, gary oldman, ghosts, glee, groenendaels, hands, harley davidson, harry potter, house m.d., indiana jones, jack sparrow, james potter, jesus christ superstar, kyo kara maoh!, legend of zelda, lycanthropy, magic, mark strong, martin starr, motorcycles, mwpp, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, nintendo, outlaw star, pagan, photography, reading, red string, remus lupin, renaissance festivals, resident evil, robin, rocknrolla, role play, rosencrantz, sarcasm, sb/ss, scotland, severus snape, sirius black, sirius/snape, slash, slytherin, slytherin house, snape/lupin, snape/regulus, snape/sirius, star wars, stardust, superbad, sushi, sweeney todd, tattoos, the chronicles of narnia, the crow, the fifth element, the hobbit, the joker, the marauders, the simpsons, theatre, trent reznor, unicorns, video games, werewolves, willow, witchcraft, writing
People3:eclectic, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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