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User:argyles (12674)
let's fight crime with mangos and limes
Interests:31: biking, books, canoeing, chad michael murray, danny jones, dashboard confessional, dougie poynter, foreign boys, friends, gilmore girls, gossip girl, harry judd, harry potter, kayaking, kibum, kurt vonnegut, mcfly, michael angarano, milo ventimiglia, motion city soundtrack, music, oboe, reading, shindong, singing, siwon, super junior, tom fletcher, wind ensemble, writing, young life
Schools:None listed
People8:bounding_, crazyferblink, falonatorr, jimmy, news, sapphireblue, sunkyung, system
Friend of:5: bounding_, crazyferblink, falonatorr, sapphireblue, sunkyung
Member of:1: 50bookchallenge
Account type:Early Adopter

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