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User:blackrose78 (25512)
Welcome to the Madhouse!
Now you're one of us!
Website:A Mommy's World
Location:Poulsbo, Washington, United States
a mommys world is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
suicide awareness are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
vampires are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

My Dating Status Button says:
Polyamorous, Bisexual, Involved/Available

Polyamorous Interested in multiple serious relationships.
Bisexual Interested in both male and female.
Involved/Available Currently in a relationship, and potentially interested in more.

Love as Thou Wilt

Bisexuality is Real.

I'm a 30-something married bi/pagan/bbw who is new to the poly world. I'm mommy to three adorable kids. Yes, I would like to have at least a female partner. I would not, personally, rule out a male partner, either. I also would not rule out a female partner for my husband. My dream is to have a quad, that lives and loves together with my husband and my children and I. But I know that it is likely only a dream. This is not in small part because my husband and I are currently supporting my disabled parents who would not in any way shape form or fashion support such a lifestyle. My mother does not support my belief system, and my father agrees with me that my mother would blow her stack if she were to discover that her only daughter were bisexual. So... this dream will remain a dream until such a time as we are no longer supporting my parents.

I cope with numerous mental and physical health issues, and hope that any partner(s) that I might add to my family will understand that these are part and parcel of me and my life.

I love reading, my current obsession is paranormal romances. I devour books with as much gusto and delight as some people do a seven course gourmet meal. Words are nearly as important to me as food, drink, shelter and air.

I'm an executive admin assistant for a mommy website, and I absolutely LOVE the site and my position there. It is the best mommy site I've ever found! Join our LJ community! a_mommys_world

I have a few tv shows that I enjoy, however because of my kids and husband, it has been a while since I was able to enjoy my shows. *shrug* This does but doesn't bother me, as it leaves me more time to spend online with my online friends!

I have borrowed from a friend her rules and boundaries (from her previous journal), and have re-written them to be more me. They are not inflexible. But, you have been warned

- I am not going to add you just because I see that you added me. If you like me enough to friend me, you like me enough to comment or message me. And, I promise I'm going to take my own advice here....

- I am not looking to get into debates/arguments/drama. I have enough of that in my own off-line life. I don't need it here. If you don't like what I have to say, well, there's a nice big "X" in the top right hand corner, or the back button in the left hand corner. There are LOTS of places on the internet where you can debate and argue to your heart's content. My journal is NOT one of them. Are we clear? Good.

- I will not tolerate racisim, homophobia, or any other type of prejudice. I also will not tolerate misogynistic behavior, or anti-choice preaching. If you are pro-life or against gay marriage and choose to friend me, be prepared to be offended. My beliefs, though I don't talk about them much, are a part of me and will not be changing. I try to be tolerant of the beliefs of others, but when those beliefs seek to control what I do with my own body and who I can marry, I become as intolerant as they are.

- Please, do not ask me to stop writing about something. If you do not wish view certain posts I make, you are free to remove me, or ask me to filter those posts, or to remove you from that filter. I will occasionally post asking people if they would like to be included in certain filter groups.

Ditch the Disposables

Memories1 entry
Interests:129: a mommys world, abortion rights, abuse survivors, anti-bush, asthma, bare feet, bbw, bdsm, beaches, being in love, beltane, birth control, bisexual, blogging, body acceptance, butterflies, candles, cartoons, cats, celtic, champagne, charmed, child abuse prevention, children, chocolate, chronic pain, civic responsibility, clairvoyance, cloth pads, coffee, computers, country music, cuddling, cutting, dancing, daria, darkness, disney, divination, domestic violence awareness, dragons, dreams, ectopic pregnancy, edgar allan poe, endometriosis, environmentalism, faeries, fantasy, feminism, fibromyalgia, folklore, friends, gay rights, ghosthunting, glbt, goth, halloween, harry potter, haunted places, hidden disability, hugs, human rights, humor, ibs, kids, laughing, learning, lightning, long baths, love, magick, merry gentry, movies, music, mythology, obsessive compulsive, pagan, paganism, paranormal, parenting, parents, pixies, poetry, polyamory, portland, post traumatic stress disorder, pro gay marriage, pro-choice, psychology, ptsd, purple, rain, rape, relationships, reproductive rights, sci-fi, seattle, sex, sexuality, singing, sleeping, snuggling on the couch, social justice, spirituality, sprites, starbucks, storms, suicide awareness, surviving abuse, surviving depression, surviving incest, surviving rape, survivors, talking, tarot cards, teddy bears, truth, tv, underworld, unicorns, unsolved mysteries, urban legends, vampires, waterfalls, wicca, witchcraft, women, womens rights, yoga
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities2:endometriosis, motherhood
Account type:Early Free User

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