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User:busdriver (16017)
space particles
(no userpics)
Website:under the sun
i go by noodles (:

i have bad insomnia, i smoke a lot of weed, i love my life.
Interests:58: baking, blunts, boxers, burping, camping, candles, cherry blossoms, chinese food, cuddling, dirty jokes, doodling, fall, fortune cookies, freestyling, goldschlager, graffitti, guitar hero, hair dye, halo2, hoodies, ice skating, jolly ranchers, karma, laughing, life, lists, making people laugh, marijuana, movies, muddy feet, old gregg, outerspace, partying, piercings, salvia divinorum, scrubs, shows, singing out loud, sleeping in, smoothies, spring, sunrise, sunset, swings, texting, the mighty boosh, the zoo, trampolines, traveling, trippy shit, trucks, video games, wake and bakes, walking, warmth, witty comebacks, youtube, zen
Schools:None listed
People5:busdriver, kiss, lilwayne, lupe, titjobs
Mutual Friends:3: busdriver, kiss, titjobs
Account type:Early Free User

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