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User:echoingsilence (23964)
(no userpics)
Name:Whispers → " Who am I "
Website:Primary Journal.
Location:Martinsville, Virginia, United States
Friends Only.

made by echoingsilence
Have You Forgotten All I Know
Whispers → Name's Jessie, on a more common note, Jess or Aki (Several others, but if I listed them all then you would be reading nicknames, and no nothing about me). 19 years young. My hair color changes like my mood; but it is naturally dark brown. Music is my soul, and design is my passion. I am an openly, amazingly homosexual practicing guy. Currently I work for the fabulous, AT&T Mobility. I was born and raised in Virginia, and I want to grow up to be a political activist, or politician. Religiously I can be categorized as a Pagan. I don't let horoscopes rule my life, although I know my sign is the Sagittarius! , and I feel the description fits me. I adore friends, shopping, gifting, and gaming. I can be the nicest person you ever met, but don't push me. Anything Else Just Ask.

Journal Status: Active, Friends Only

Current Contact Information:
Address: Not to be posted here, if you need it ask me.
Email: jesseh@alltel.blackberty.com
Cell: (***)******* ask me if you think you need it.
AIM: fagmeisterjessie
YIM: skittle_boi_jessjess
Inksome: echoingsilence
Live Journal: missingfear
Greatest Journal: missingfear, fagalicious

And What We Had ?

Don't fall in love with someone you can live with, fall in love with someone you can't live without.

Userinfo: Photo of Amy Lee, Photographer : Unknown Photo Shoot: Good Enough - Modified by [info]echoingsilence, for personal use. Please do not take. Photo obtained here.
Header Lyrics: Written By: Amy Lee Preformed by: Evanescence Title: Taking Over Me Album: Fallen.

Profile Layout
Interests:149: , 30 seconds to mars, abnormal psychology, adobe photoshop, adobe photoshop 7, advent children, alice 19th, alternative rock, angelina jolie, animation, anime, anna nalick, apocalyptica, bands, banners, candles, celebrities, chinese food, coffee, coffee shops, dane cook, design, disturbed, drawing, edgar allan poe, edgar allen poe, equal rights, evanescence, evans blue, eyeliner, fanfiction, fatal frame, fatal frame ii, fatal frame iii, final fantasy, flyleaf, foreign languages, full moons, gaming, ghosts, girl interrupted, graphic design, graphic novels, graphics, gravitation, h.i.m., harry potter, headers, hiking, his infernal majesty, history, homosexuality, horror movies, house m.d., html, icon making, icons, incense, individuality, ipod, kingdom hearts, knives, layouts, lena katina, linde, literature, love metal, loveless, lovex, magic, manga, marilyn manson, metallica, mitch hewer, money, movies, music, my chemical romance, necklaces, night, nightwish, paganism, paramore, pentacles, perfect blue, photoshop 7, placebo, pocky, poetry, politics, pride, pro-choice, ps2, psychology, queer as folk, rainbows, ramen, reading, religion, rob zombie, rock music, roleplaying, sarcasm, savage garden, scrubs, serenity, sexuality, shadow hearts, sherlock holmes, slash, sleeping, spellcraft, spirits, spirituality, stephen king, swords, t.a.t.u., tattoos, tea, the rasmus, the used, tutorials, vampires, video games, ville valo, witches, within temptation, world history, yaoi, yulia volkova, , , , , , , ♀♀, , ♂♀, ♂♂, , , , , ♥., , , , ♫.
People3:jimmy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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