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User:j_adoube (8144)
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Location:Austin, Texas, United States
AOL IM:AIM status just whelm me (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:[info]j_adoube has just about had it with journaling sites. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her two cats. Her job comprises of sitting at a computer and surfing the internet while listening to music, helping people out with their iTunes issues. It's the coolest job in the world, and everyone should be jealous. No, she's not a student. Yes, she's comfortable with that. She's an aspiring writer, and she really likes grilled cheese sandwiches and Elliott Smith's lyrical genius.

She is hopelessly obsessed with Rupert Grint.

More info coming soon!
Interests:138: 8 bit theater, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animaniacs, anything new, art, badly drawn boy, billie holiday, biloxi, bjork, bob dylan, books, boys don't cry, calvin and hobbes, candlelight, candles, cats, chess, chrono trigger, clothes, coffee, confusion, conspiracy theory, cookies, creating, crescent rolls, d&d, daisies, daria, david gray, death cab for cutie, do-rags, driving, eddie izzard, edward furlong, eighties music, elliott smith, eminem, energy, fantasy, febreze, feminism, final fantasy, fishnet, flannel, floo, flute, frente!, frou frou, fun, get real, glen or glenda, green, grilled cheese sandwiches, guitar, harry potter, homestar runner, incense, intellectual voyeurism, ipod, james thurber, jrr tolkien, kept promises, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kisses, life, loreena mckennitt, loving, lyrics, massages, mel gibson, monty python, music, my car, my teddy bear, nintendo, nola, nose rings, people, pete and pete, piers anthony, places, posyball, radiohead, raspberries, reading, rent, reservoir dogs, ron weasley, roses, rpgs, rupert grint, scotland, scott cohen, sex toys, silver, singing, slash, sleep deprivation, stockings, stress, strong bad, stuff and things, sweaters, tank girl, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the atrium, the cure, the doors, the floo network, the full monty, the internet, the lost boys, the princess bride, the tenth kingdom, the wonderful o, thinking, tim burton, tori amos, tracy bonham, traveling, utopia, vast, vienna teng, vintage ashtrays, volkswagon, w.b. yeats, wallets, wesley willis, women, writing, yaoi, you, your mom, zippo
Schools:None listed
People2:jimmy, news
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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