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User:kogarasumaru (10899)
Website:My Anime List
AOL IM:AIM status epicenism (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status sonic.screwdriver@rocketmail.com (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:
Google Talk:
» information
nonsensical@GJ --> unnamed_song@GJ --> pochepoke@GJ --> wish_matrix@GJ --> insoumission@LJ --> unsolvable@LJ -->
[info]kogarasumaru, tsubamegaeshi@IJ, & wishmatrix@twitter

This section is going to be a LOT shorter than it used to be in the past. xD Mainly 'cause I'm feeling pretty darned lazy right now. -.-;; ANYWAY.

Firstly, I'm a freshman in college going into culinary to become a pastry chef, 19 years old, and have a strong love for anime, manga, video games, and various kinds of music.

I'm currently taking the classes of Beginning Sewing (Monday), Food Service Sanitation and Hotel/Restaurant Management (Tuesday), Cake Decor and Sugar Cookery (Tuesday), Introduction to Chocolate (Thursday), Appreciation of Music (Online), and Life Drawing (Saturday).

School aside, when I'm not doing homework or whatever, I'm mostly online. In fact, if it doesn't appear that I'm online, you might want to try IMing my screen name anyway! :D Why? Because AIM hates upon me and randomly puts me in invisible mode! Online, I spend a lot of my time roleplaying, reading fanfiction, modding communities, watching anime, or (on rare occasions) writing fanfiction. I also enjoy to talk to my friends online and all that jazz a WHOLE lot. When I'm not online, though, it usually means that I'm playing video games or watching anime or something else on DVD. Or, should I actually choose to do it, my homework. -shudders- Which brings me to the personality portion!

I'm a HUGE procrastinator. To get me to do basically anything I'm supposed to be doing, it calls for a large amount of nagging in general. Occasionally, there'll be a few instances where it'll be otherwise, but that's what it's like most of the time. Aside from my procrastination, a lot of people tell me that I'm really laid-back and open-minded. They also say a few other things but meh~ Anyway, I'm generally very easy to get along with and I don't dislike very many people, so don't be afraid to add me so long as you follow the rules! :O
» the aforementioned rules for adding
Friends Only, first of all! Just a few rules about it! ^^;
o1. Have something in common with me or otherwise be JUST THAT AWESOME.
o2. Speak English! I'm not saying all your posts have to be in English, but it's generally good for communication to have a common language. And while I'm learning French and Japanese, I'm not fluent in either, so... Yeah. xD Oh and 3nGl1$h 1$ n0t L33T.
o3. No homophobism, racism, sexism, or forms of discrimination. My journal is open-minded, so it'd be best if you were too. :D
o4. I don't really mind it when people advertise communities to me, as long as I'll honestly have some kind of interest in them. Like. If you're going to advertise a "Yay drugs!" community to me, I'm likely to ignore you like woah. And you'll be on my hate list. >>; Or something. But RPs you think I might be interested in, icon contest communities, graphic communities, and other kinds of things, I'd be happy to read/look through and such. ^^
o5. Credit your icons! If it's like a few that you missed or something, that's okay, but as long as the majority of them are credited correctly, I'm fine! Icons, along with other graphics, are very important to credit because when you steal someone else's work, it makes them feel like shit and you get all the credit. If you would like to debate this in further, I'd be glad to so go ahead and IM me any time. :D To get my AIM, YIM, MSN, etc... just scroll up to that little section in the userinfo kthx~
o6. Update/comment every once and a while! I'll understand if you don't comment constantly, but it's nice to hear from you sometimes! And if you don't update OR comment in like... MONTHS. Or I otherwise just have never heard from you after you added me, then I'm going to assume you're not using Scribbld any longer (unless you put up a hiatus notice) and will more than likely un-add you.

Other than that! Please proceed to my journal main page and comment on my "friends only" entry to be added! ^^ (Note: I won't add you if you don't comment, 'cause I'll have no idea you added me.)
» role playing and the like
Pates la Crepe - ...Kind of semi-high-school-based RPG. Meaning, it's based at a school, but that's just the setting. Most of the plot doesn't actually relate to school-related issues at all, and there is almost always SOME kind of plot going on there. As a modly mod, I make sure of it. I play quite a few characters there, as it's my only roleplay right now.

[info]nibelheim - My muse box on Scribbld. :O I tend to update my musebox on IJ... a little more often. Not really. But, I'm planning on at least getting that one active and updated semi-frequently, so here's hoping. Oh, and it's all open to the public for reading, so don't be afraid to check it out.

Cosmo Canyon - My musebox on InsaneJournal. I've updated it more than my Scribbld one, but I'm hoping to start updating both of them more often if I can remember. Includes memes, the ability to converse with any of my muses at the drop of a comment, and the occasional drabble, one-shot, or fanfic. I have yet to actually compose fanfis, but SOMEDAY maybe.
» miscellaneous
Firstly, I'mma talk a little bit about the graphics on this page and on my main journal page~ They're ALL made by me, so don't take them. Or. They all WILL be made by me. Looks like so far all I've got up is my userinfo graphic! ^^; Anyway, that one's of Zack and Cloud from FFVII: Crisis Core. It uses a bunch of brushes made by Seishido and the font Trojan. Of course, a lot of the editing I still did myself. :x Oh, and a bit about the username. "Kogarasumaru" is from Air Gear-- it's the name of the protagonist's (Ikki's) storm rider team. Air Gear is a great manga (the anime's okay, but doesn't actually get to the plot of the story), so make sure you go see it~!

Alright, with that out of the way, here comes the stuff I know everyone is waiting for~ The random stuff that I've done at communities.

[info]iamthe Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII Compilation) of Scribbld.
[info]iamthe Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) of Scribbld.
[info]iamthe Eiji Kikumaru (Prince of Tennis) of Scribbld.
[info]iam the Harumi Fujiyoshi (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) of Scribbld.
[info]iam the Nyanko-sensei (Natsume Yuujinchou) of Scribbld.
[info]iam the Wolfram von Bielefeld (Kyou Kara Maou!) of Scribbld.
My Mirror Community Stamps.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

MORE TO COME SOON. But that's all for now. :O So skedaddle.
Profile code by ReversesCollide and modified by Tay.

Interests:150: .hack//, 100% perfect girl, 12012, abenobashi magical shopping arcade, absolute boyfriend, after school nightmare, air gear, akihabara@deep, ali project, alice 19th, alichino, angel sanctuary, angelic layer, antique bakery, arashi, becca, buffy the vampire slayer, bus gamer, cantarella, captain jack, cardcaptor sakura, chobits, chocolate underground, chrono crusade, clover, code geass, comic party, d.n.angel, dance dance revolution, dead or alive, death note, demon diary, dennou coil, digimon, doctor who, dollhouse, eerie queerie!, elton john, escaflowne, fairy and earl, fake, family complex, family guy, final fantasy, fruits basket, full metal panic!, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gakuen alice, gakuen heaven, gamerz heaven, gankutsuou, geneshaft, genjuu no seiza, gokusen, golden cain, gravitation, hands off!, hasegawa tomoki, he is my master, heatguy j, hentai, hetalia, iceman, infinite ryvius, j-boy, jiburiru, junjou romantica, juvenile orion, k-on!, kaleido star, kanpai!, kiki's delivery service, kimi ni todoke, king of bandit jing, kirepapa, kizuna, kuroshitsuji, kyou kara maou!, kämpfer, l'arc~en~ciel, la corda d'oro, lady gaga, level-c, lewis black, loveless, lovely complex, madonna, malice mizer, maria†holic, meine liebe, mirage of blaze, mushishi, natsume yuujinchou, neon genesis evangelion, nerima daikon brothers, ng life, nobuo uematsu, noir, otomen, ouran hshc, pandora hearts, paradise kiss, peace maker kurogane, petshop of horros, phantasmagoria, pretear, prince of tennis, princess princess, princess tutu, queen, red hot chili peppers, rockstar supernova, roleplaying, romeoxjuliet, s-cry-ed, sailor moon, saiyuki, sayonara zetsubou sensei, sensitive pornograph, shingetsutan tsukihime, skankfunk, south park, spice girls, spiral, star ocean 3, stephen lynch, t.m.revolution, tackey and tsubasa, takeharu ishimoto, tales of the abyss, the black mages, the colbert report, the daily show, the police, tokyo babylon, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, video games, vidoll, vocaloids, weiβ kreuz, wolf's rain, x japan, x/1999, xenosaga, yami no matsuei, yoko kanno, yugioh, yuki kajiura, yumeiro patissiere
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Member of:11: all_icontest, animechorus, animeicontest, bishoujoawards, community_promo, hushawards, iam, iamthe, nibelheim, shounenawards, the_icontest
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Date updated:2011-08-18 09:27:19, 605 weeks ago
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