The Doctor is Out  
01:06pm 17/06/2015
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"Hello, you've reached Tsunade. If this is an emergency, try again or call 911. ...That might be your best bet if I haven't picked up after the second try. If you're calling to make an appointment, stop by the clinic or call again later. If you do leave a message make sure you leave your name, your number, the purpose for your visit, and the date and time you wish to come in. I'll call you back and we'll schedule the appointment together. If you just called to go out for drinks... the answer is yes, and why the hell are you still listening to this? Come find me and let's go!"
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10:11pm 03/09/2009
... Anybody on the staff, and I DO mean anybody, can call my cell phone if they have an emergency and need to get into the clinic after hours.

The locks on the door are there for a reason. Jesus.

If you don't already know it, the number is [555-lalalala]. Program it in your phones. Do it now. Hell, even put it on speed dial so even if you're really messed up you can still punch in ONE number to reach me. That's less than what you'd have to dial to reach 911 for crying out loud, so I don't want to hear any excuses.

Private to Madara

Would it be possible to have a more frequent security walk-by after hours at the clinic? Or a guard stationed in the hall there?
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So tired and oh so squeamish~  
12:18pm 16/08/2009
There is blood all over my clinic. Smeared on the countertops. Tracked on the carpeting. Bloody, bloody prints all over the goddamn prescription cabinet.

And there are pills missing.

Listen up, I want whatever IDIOT did this to come forward NOW. My phone is always always always always ALWAYS on for emergencies; obviously you were hurt enough to leak your lifeblood all over my office and in enough pain to think stealing my drugs was a good idea. I need to see you so I can treat you. And beat you to within an inch of your life for scaring me so badly and turning my clinic into a biohazard. And then treat you again. And then press charges.

...Someone please help me clean the blood up. I can't stand to look at it anymore and I can't get it out. Seriously, about to vomit here. And until it's gone, the clinic will be closed; sorry for the inconvenience.

((OOC: Sorry this is a lil late, and also comments from me might be a bit slow as work is killing me dead again, the bastard. But I want to have fun too. :<))
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there's no place like home  
01:54am 02/08/2009
click your heels three times... )
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It's gonna be a what~  
12:51pm 30/07/2009
I've seen an alarming number of blunt force injuries coming to the clinic lately. Isn't this supposed to be Feel Good Inc; why are you all hurting each other?

Also, to whoever stole the entire lollipop jar off the clinic reception desk... what the hell. I said take one. And I want my pig-shaped jar back.

... And does anyone want to go out for drinks on Sunday night, or even just hang out and watch a movie? I don't want to be alone on my birthday.
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General Announcement  
11:49am 30/06/2009
I understand there is a hideous stomach bug of some sort going around. I'm thinking it must be some type of food poisoning due to the severity and suddenness of onset, however I am still evaluating the situation. It could be a flu virus.

To those of you who are sick, I am coming around to each bathroom now with bottles of water and Pepto Bismol so hang tight as long as you can, help is on the way.

I also ask that anyone sick please let me know when you started feeling ill and what you may have eaten today, or if you came into contact with anyone severely ill recently. That would help me figure out what damned idiot caused this. Thank you.

Also, to anyone not ill, please don't go into the bathrooms! Seriously, you don't want to go in there. If you need to pee, just... hold it if you can. Or if anyone knows of an uncontaminated bathroom, let the rest of us know.
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The Clinic  
02:04am 27/06/2009
Hey, everyone. Just so you know, every single staff member, actor or not, can come see me for medical care anytime. But I expect to see anyone having sex for money on screen or off either at Feel Good, Inc. or over at Angel's Hell weekly for an STD checkup. Buckle up kids, it's the law. I take all forms of insurance or cash for services. Now I know some of you have never been to the in-house clinic before, so I'll give you a little tour )
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Application for Employment  
11:40am 17/06/2009
Name: Tsunade
Age: 53 (but looks like she's in her twenties; totally had a ton of plastic surgery--the tits are real, though!)
Sexuality: Bisexual leaning more toward lesbian, but it's not well-known. She keeps her sex life close to the chest (and what a chest it is).
Role in company: Staff doctor to employees of both Feel Good, Inc. and Angel's Hell. (With salary and expenses most likely paid by employees' contributions to health insurance or out of their own pockets.) Also a former big-name star, so it's quite possible she could be persuaded to make the occasional come-back as it were.
PB: Scarlett Johansson

Details, details... )
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