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User:mysteria (27255)
(no userpics)
Location:Carmarthen, United Kingdom
Interests:146: 1950s, 1980s, 80s movies, adam ant, aerosmith, alan moore, andy warhol, angel, animal husbandry, ashes to ashes, back to the future, bagpuss, bear making, beauty and the beast, billie piper, billy idol, birmingham, blunderbuss, books, brokeback mountain, cats, chipmunks, christian bale, christian slater, classic rock, comics, crohns disease, csi, david tennant, dci gene hunt, def leppard, depeche mode, derren brown, dita von teese, doctor who, due south, duff mckagan, eddie izzard, ewan mcgregor, feeder, firefly, frost, gary oldman, gavin reece, gerard butler, gerbils, gibson les paul guitars, golden retrievers, good omens, gothic, griffin house, grizzly bears, guns n roses, hamsters, harmony kingdom, harry potter, hellboy, him, house, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, iorek byrnison, james dean, jason flemyng, joe elliott, johnny depp, josh homme, juliette and the licks, juliette lewis, laika dog, leigh marklew, let loose, life on mars, live music, london, lord of the rings, lxg, malibu stacey, man-raze, mark yates, mary forsberg, michael j fox, mika, moulin rouge, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, noah huntley, ok go, organic food, paint shop pro, paper journals, pets, photography, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, polar bears, qotsa, quantum leap, rabbits, rats, red dwarf, remus lupin, retro, robert pattinson, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, rodents, roy lichtenstein, runes, saul hudson, scott bakula, scott weiland, shaun of the dead, silver, simon pegg, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, smallville, star trek, stargate sg-1, stone temple pilots, superman, tattoos, terrorvision, the fifth element, the glitterati, the golden compass, the killers, the lost boys, the quireboys, therapy?, tim burton, tony wright, trent reznor, twilight, vargas girls, velvet goldmine, velvet revolver, vintage, volkswagen beetles, walt disney, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, x-files, x-men
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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