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User:naches (8674)
Self confidence
can be crippling
Interests:28: "post" music, (un?)friendly rivalries, apparently shikses, balancing chemistry equations, bubbe's cooking, calculus problems on saturdays, discovery channel surgeries, dissections and vivisections, extra biology lab time, extremely discrete mathematics, godspeed you black emperor!, he-le-na, henry gray, interning in morgues, love/hate relationships with judaism, mogwai in the dark, music minus lyrics, new paths to helicon, not orthodox judaism, old building architecture, playing the guitar secretly, problems of physics, running the medical society, studying in libraries, surgery ambitions, the amazing human anatomy, the layouts of geometry, visiting the british museum
People83:ajohnson, amicability, badinerie, balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, cho, clagg, cormac, crab, creepy, daftne, dicktator, dracom, dthomas, dunstan, english, ernest, eugenie, explosives, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, fletwock, freddy, gould, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, harried, heavens_cloths, hooper, ireland, katies, keenan, kirke, lackey, lysol, macbeth, mchammer, meditation, melinda, muffins, naches, neuro, notwilly_thanks, obnoxious, orange, peakes, pensioner, peta, philosopher, physicsgeek, poisonous, ppatil, prayer, propriety, punish, quiet_artist, redtresses, residentabyss, ritchie, salesman, science, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, staid, stebbins, sunshine, tattle, toke, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, vpmods, vpnpc, wangsta, waynehopkins
Friend of:56: balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, cormac, crab, ernest, eugenie, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, fletwock, foulmouthflint, freddy, gems, gould, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, heavens_cloths, hooper, ironyinherent, kirke, lysol, mchammer, moragwrites, naches, neuro, notwilly_thanks, orange, peakes, pensioner, peta, physicsgeek, poisonous, ppatil, propriety, punish, quiet_artist, residentabyss, ritchie, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, staid, stebbins, tattle, teacherofrock, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, wangsta, waynehopkins
Member of:1: politik_vip
Account type:Early Adopter

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