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User:staid (9003)
along with everything that was lost and won
when the day is done
Interests:30: abstention, ambiance, ambient1/music for airports, coil, common law, cynicism, dark ambient, disliking optimists, doctor who, einst├╝rzende neubauten, eno (brian), epictetus, fencing, football, lull, many kinds of isms, minimalism, pessimism, philip glass, pots-and-pots of coffee, realism (pessimism but better), respectability attained, responsibilities kept, secret idealism, self control, shaker loops, sparta, the british legal system, the stoics, weight training
People81:ajohnson, amicability, badinerie, balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, cho, clagg, cormac, crab, creepy, daftne, dicktator, dracom, dthomas, dunstan, english, ernest, eugenie, explosives, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, fletwock, freddy, gould, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, harried, heavens_cloths, hooper, ireland, katies, keenan, kirke, lackey, lysol, macbeth, mchammer, meditation, melinda, muffins, naches, neuro, notwilly_thanks, obnoxious, orange, peakes, pensioner, peta, philosopher, physicsgeek, ppatil, prayer, propriety, punish, quiet_artist, residentabyss, ritchie, salesman, science, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, staid, stebbins, sunshine, tattle, toke, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, vpmods, vpnpc, wangsta, waynehopkins
Friend of:55: balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, cormac, crab, ernest, eugenie, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, fletwock, foulmouthflint, freddy, gems, gould, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, heavens_cloths, hooper, ironyinherent, kirke, lysol, mchammer, moragwrites, naches, neuro, notwilly_thanks, orange, peakes, pensioner, peta, physicsgeek, ppatil, propriety, punish, quiet_artist, residentabyss, ritchie, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, staid, stebbins, tattle, teacherofrock, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, wangsta, waynehopkins
Member of:1: politik_vip
Account type:Early Adopter

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